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In conversation with artist on the rise, Alignment

Artist on the rise in the German techno scene surely is DJ & producer Francesco Pier aka Alignment. His moniker is found in the concept of inner orientation, a journey of the dark corners of one inner self.

This meaning also reflects in his music which is defined by dark basslines, pumping kickdrums, sinister industrial noises and reverberating synths bring his vision to life. With this sound, he grabbed the attention of many industry big shots as there are Ben Klock, Amelie, Lens, Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex to name a few.

As the star is rising, he is getting more shows Germany and abroad, so pay close attention to Alignment as he will be heading towards those big stages at a festival near you!

Enjoy the interview we had with this great talent!

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What type of music did you enjoy in your younger days? And compared to now, how has your taste in music changed?
When I was younger I was really into Hip-Hop and the whole culture associated with it in general. As I got older, I was exposed to a lot of different genres of music, which helped to broaden my knowledge and taste. From those, I was especially interested in Drum & Bass, Electro and then Techno. However, Hip-Hop always was and will be in my heart. Whenever I have free time that’s the music that you’ll find me playing.

What about your childhood was unique and most contributed to the adult/artist you’ve become?
I think that all musicians will say they were surrounded by musical people or influences from a young age, and for me, this was the same scenario. Everyone in my family played some sort of instrument and my father was a music teacher. It was early on that I became passionate about music and I think this will be something that will never change and hopefully pass onto my children.

Create a playlist with 10 tracks that have defined your childhood.

What type of entertainment did you enjoy when you were growing up?
Apart from playing music, I was like many other kids and enjoyed being outside with my friends, playing sports etc. It wasn’t until I got a bit older than I enjoyed cooking, and this is something which I do now. After really long days in the studio, I need to focus on something else to help me relax – I find that in cooking. To prepare your own food, using the best ingredients is a pleasure in life, and I enjoy doing this for friends and family too.

What is your all-time favourite tune?
I don’t have a particular track, I have several songs that have marked different moments in my life. So I’d say this is an impossible question to answer honestly!

You played in KOMPASS recently. How did you like the vibe and atmosphere in this industrial looking setting?
Yes, this was for KNTXT celebrating their 5 years. It was my first time at the club, and wow, I was impressed. It’s a really HUGE space, and I didn’t expect such an amazing space with an equally impressive sound system and lights. I really loved its atmosphere and location. People were so energetic and really into the music – I hope to return soon.

You’ll be releasing a highly energetic EP on Suara pretty soon. 2 Banging tracks; tell us all about it. How did this one come together and how did you end up with Suara?
Yes, my EP “Ever Gone” comes out on the 24th of February. Coyu got in touch with me and we chatted about some tracks for the EP, these two made the final cut! I wanted to release an EP with just two original tracks and no remix, as I think that’s sometimes all you need. Make those two tracks strong and unique and you have a nice EP. Let’s hope everyone else agrees and loves it!

How does the crowd react to these bangers?
I’m so happy because the track “Ever Gone” has already been played by Charlotte de Witte a few times in the last 6 months at some of her biggest shows, also the reaction has been so positive whenever I play at shows and festivals. I’ve received a lot of messages on social media asking me what the track is and when its out, so now I can finally tell everyone the wait is over! Pumped for this one ☺

What’s next for alignment? New releases and gigs to announce?
So as for releases, they are below ☺
SUARA – 24.02.2020
KNTXT – 17.04.2020

And some exciting shows….
14.02 – Tapage Nocturne – Lille
15.02 – Techno Disorder – Meythet
19.02 – Rex Club – Paris, France
14.03 – Matrix – Bochum, Germany
27.03 – Manizales, Colombia
28.03 – Bogotoa, Colombia
04.04 – TechnoStube, Dusseldorf (Germany)
24.04 – Rote Sonne, Munich, Germany
18.05 – Cfd UBU, Rennes, France
30.05 – ADD Festival, Athens, Greece

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