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In conversation with Mjane

Born in Brussels, Mjane discovered the clubbing and nightlife scene her teenage years, which led her to delve into music trends and understanding how music makes people feel and all the moods associated with it. This quickly broadened her horizons and unearthed a deeper passion for music. Soon enough, electronic music was capturing all of her attention and energy when it exploded on the Belgian scene in the ’90s.

Through drive and passion, she slowly imposed her style and vision of music on the scene, leaving her mark through various gigs and appearances at some of the best nightlife spots in Brussels.

Her musical style is completely irresistible and can be simply described as hot-and-sexy deep house. A vision and feel for music that completely captivates and entrances a crowd.

In 2013, Mjane relocated to Bangkok, Thailand. Where at that time, the underground music scene was barely existent, house and techno were practically new to nightlife revellers. A few years after her arrival in this massive city, Mjane launched Jane Music Agency, an agency and label which puts both Thai and international electronic music artists in the spotlight. Acting as a bridge between the Thai market and Western music industries, the agency supports all facets and fascinations of the electronic music spectrum. Giving DJs and producers a platform to exchange and discover music, as well as create opportunities to further their careers across continents.

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Hey hey, how are you holding up in these crazy times?

I’m doing pretty well, I’m lacking social contact very much like everyone else I imagine haha, but still I’m feeling grateful and happy that things are slowly but surely returning to normal and that I’m able to go out. Being asked to stay indoors was beginning to feel like a crazy plot set in a disaster series on Netflix!

For any of our readers that aren’t familiar with you as much, can you tell us a bit about who  Mjane is?

I am originally from Brussels, but I now live in Asia, more precisely in Bangkok (Thailand). My adoptive city where I’ve been living from more than 8 years! I love Thailand, it is an extraordinary country, a place where I feel like I can be myself more than anywhere else in the world, without being afraid of being judged. I’ve rarely known a place with so much tolerance and openness.

This is where I run Jane Music Agency from, a label and booking agency for both local and international DJs.

Tell us about your fresh release “Afrofro”. Talk us through it, from idea to accomplishment.

I am very excited about this release, especially since it is my first solo release. “Afrofro” is really a musical digest that summarises all the magnificent experiences I have had over the last two years during which I travelled to really wonderful places in the North of Thailand and other gorgeous countries in South East Asia. These travels really inspired me and turned me to new and different sounds, a lot more ethnic, pure and spiritual than music I’ve ever known or played.

I stayed in Nepal for quite some time where the tracks of my EP really unfolded and came to life for me. At the time I was listening to a lot of different mantras and local music. That is when I produced “Satnam”, one of the tracks on the EP, who in Gurmukhi sings “The truth is my identity”.

MJane’s “AfroFro” is out on June 26 on Beatport.

What’s your relationship with the 2 remix artist. We are a fan of Sifa. Great artist! DJ Qness is new to us.

Yes, Sifa is an absolute legend! He’s a really cool guy and I’m so pleased that he was wanting to be involved in this release. DJ QNESS is an extremely talented South African artist; he has had several releases on some prominent labels including MoBlack, Kingstreet Sounds/Nite Grooves, Because Music, Exploited Records, soWhat.

He sent us a demo that really stood out to us and caught our attention. Unfortunately, our calendar for 2020 was already pretty packed so we weren’t able to accommodate this track, so instead, we suggested that he curates a remix for the EP which resulted in a remix of “Satnam”, a bewitching remix with serious attitude.

What’s your creative process when writing music? Do you have an idea in mind or do you somehow experiment and see what’s coming?

So, I don’t actually have one at all. I never really decide what I’m going to do. The trigger for me is always in a moment lived, I very rarely produce music at home, but almost always when I’m travelling, that’s generally when I launch Ableton.

Is there a specific message you want to bring with this release? Does “Afrofro” have a meaning for you?

A personal message most certainly, every piece of writing, be it in music, in painting or in art in general, is a part of us that is being shared and uncovered.

This EP is a reminder to myself that I am lucky to be able to achieve something each day, of the things I set out to realise in my life.

When working on music is the dance floor always something you keep in mind? Or does a certain vibe or flow sometimes transcend that?

In spite of myself, the club aspect always comes back around somehow haha I grew up with this sort of music, and still until today, electronic club music is still very much present and enjoyed by the majority of music fans. We even dedicated a label to it!

When you now the incredible power that an amazing track can provide on the dancefloor, you can never really shake the desire to what to keep reproducing that same feeling in all your tracks.

Having said that, it is true that for some time now I have been venturing more towards slower tempos. I have in fact also produced a remix which will be released in August on our next EP which is absolutely not club music!

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

To be completely honest, DJing is not my primary motivation at the moment, I much prefer focusing my attention on the agency, and on producing music in general, looking for new artists and growing our structure is my priority for the moment.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt along the way in this crazy music business?

That even if we were hit by a meteorite, the movement linked to electronic music would still come out unscathed!

Thank you

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