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One Track Brain

In conversation with One Track Brain

Jeroen de Pessemier, also known as “One Track Brain” has been, in the last few years, an important architect of the Belgian underground electronic music scene. Co-founder of the label OTB Records created in 2014, he is willing to create a family based on sharing and the love of electronic music.

On a personal side, One Track Brain wants to push the boundaries of techno through punchy yet melancholic productions. The Belgian artist is releasing his third EP of the year “The Hunt” on November 29th, with the quest for meaning and timelessness as a central theme. After having collaborated with artists like Heiko Laux, OGENN or Ceili in his precedent EPs, it’s the Berghain-resident Efdemin who produced two remixes of the main track “The Hunt” this time.

Very connected to the scene, you can regularly catch One Track Brain at Fuse Brussels or on Studio Brussels’s waves where he played b2b with Charlotte de Witte. The tracks from his latest EP “Ape” were played or received great support from Marcel Dettmann, Benjamin Damage, Ame, Antigone, Enrico Sangiuliano or Len Faki.

Now is the time for a little talk about his latest EP and his future projects.

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Hey Jeroen, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you?
I am a musically open-minded techno producer. I come from a diverse background. I first studied Physics, Classical music and Jazz. Then I started my own electronic dance bands, my last one is The Subs, where I am frontman/bandleader. Recently I also started producing for other bands such as Oscar and The Wolf.

Can you tell us about the influences you had while growing up, musical or not?
From Mozart to Elvis to Prince to Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk to Richie Hawtin.
From books to Physics to movies to sex

Was producing electronic music a long-time dream or is it something that came along the way? How did you start?
After I did my PhD in Physics I realised I actually wanted to do music so I just bought a computer and started. There was no internet yet so I am a complete autodidact.

You say that you want “to push the boundaries of techno”, what does it mean for you?
I don’t like to conform. Once I know a rule I’m gonna break it. I cannot help myself. But at the same time, I want to keep people dancing. I know a DJ needs a bit of courage to play one of my tracks because they don’t sound like typical techno tracks, but I am surprised myself about the reaction on the floor sometimes.

I know a DJ needs a bit of courage to play one of my tracks because they don’t sound like typical techno tracks.

Can you tell us about your relations with young talents and how you are building the OTB Records family?
When we put other names than myself out on the label, I help them to bring their demo’s to a professional level. Ceili, for instance, is doing really well now and became an amazing producer who doesn’t need my help anymore. He’s releasing on various labels.

How do you feel about the past year and those 3 One Track Brain EPs you released?
I feel really inspired when I am in the studio. Because I feel dirtier sounds are coming back and I like that. Also getting back into modular synths made me feel so inspired!

Meaning and timelessness appear as the central theme of this EP, can you tell us more about it?
We live and then we die but we all try to leave something behind that is meaningful. This is also one of the reasons why I want to push the boundaries of techno. Because repeating what exists already will disappear in the vast information flood.

We live and then we die but we all try to leave something behind that is meaningful.

How did you end up working with Efdemin and how did it go?
I come from more harder electro sounds but Efdemin is one of the producers that got me into techno. It was a huge personal honour when he said yes to remixing one of my tracks.

What are the projects to come for you and OTB Records in the future?
I will be enjoying my residency at Fuse Brussels. A new way to connect with the scene.

Any last word? Anything you want to add?
I live and work by these words: “Don’t go for the treasure but live out your personal legend.”

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