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Creative designer Tânia Filipa of MID Studio

In conversation with Tânia Filipa

A while ago we got an e-mail from Tânia from MID Studio offering her services for new designs. We got a look at her portfolio and must say we were pretty impressed by the work she is doing.

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Hi Tânia, I hope all is well? Tell us in a few words about Tânia. Where do you live and what do you do for a living?
Hi! I live in Lisbon, Portugal and I’m a Graphic Designer. I founded my design project back in 2013 and the main idea behind it is to focus on electronic music. So, MID Studio it is.

What made you decide to become a creative designer? Was this always something you wanted to do?
Well, yes. I always knew I wanted to be connected to something that implicated creativity. Even today I’m in constant need of learning the creative side behind all kinds of things like marketing or even painting. It completes a side of me. I knew I wanted to explore Graphic Design when I was about 18 or 19 years old. I used to look at a project I randomly encountered and think about the creative process behind it and would take to reach that outcome.


At a later stage, you started your own company MID Studio. Tell us about the company. What are your mission and vision?
The vision is my concept of Art. When I started the project I wanted to do something different that I could relate to, identify myself with, and show my beliefs in Design. Something different and unique from my end.

Do you have a specific style you’d like to use and propose to your clients?
Yes, all projects are based on minimal design. All designs are very carefully calculated and projected. The approach is very striking and bold. The use of geometric figures is always present. Lines, circles, triangles, and squares are always part of the process.

How do you find new clients? 
Mostly online, through social media and in graphic design platforms like Behance. I also reach out, there’s no better way than to directly contact projects that I find interesting. When I come across a project I’m interested in, I send people an email where I presented my work and my portfolio.

What does your daily routine look like?
The daily routine usually consists of emails followed up by social media and then I start working on pending projects and finalizing design objectives for clients.

You made some very nice designs for fantastic artists and labels. Which work are you the proudest of and why?
Just to pick a few. I’m very proud of my work based relation with Suleiman/Aissa Records which are digital and vinyl labels from Darem Aissa from Canada. Darem supported my project from the beginning on many levels. It was very important and still is to work with such a pure and incredible person. His vision toward music and design is incredible. Another work I am proud of is for a Portugal event-based project called Wiseattack that I have been working with since 2018. It’s always good to work on another Portuguese project. The way they were into my design and wanted to partner up was very peculiar.

Are there things in life that make you intensely happy? And sad?
Yes, sometimes just little things. Like words, gestures, attitude. But in the end I think it only makes us learn and grow.

Do you prefer music at work or silence? If music, what do you like to listen to?
Music, all the way. Even right now while answering this Interview I’m listening to a Set by Mihai Pol. Mostly I listen to Disco, House, and Techno. Latest artist I have come across are Eli Verveine and Huerta.

What keeps you in the mood?
Certain places and vibes. To breathe in and enjoy one particular moment. That feeling that you belong there and it’s enjoyable in an unmatched way.

Do you have bad habits you can’t get rid of?
Not really, maybe the one thing I would like to improve is to sleep less. I’m a sleepy head, never know when to stop. It’s an addiction!

What is something that made you laugh out loud in the recent past?
Well, most recently it was an episode of “The Office”! Hilarious!

Who is someone you really would like to work for/with? And why?
Honestly, anyone that relates to what I do. Can’t put a price on genuine partnerships. Something that feels it’s the right path to take and that feel a link is welcome.

What is the best advice you ever got?
To keep true to what I do because there’s always someone who will understand the message.

Thank you

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