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Mexican DJs and producers, Tom & Collins

In conversation with Tom & Collins

Signed to Universal Music Label “AfterCluv Dance Lab” these Mexican DJs and producers joined their talent in the beginnings of 2012 and made a bomb out of it. Influenced by deep house, techno and house music the duo has crafted a new electronic music sound that makes everybody move their feet. Now the duo teamed up with Mother Recordings! They make their debut on the record label with an outstanding and floor stomping two tracker EP. This EP is proper House music, only feel-good vibe, enjoy!

Our music is for anyone who wants to enjoy and for everyone who wants to party.

They’ve performed at festivals such as EDC (Mexico), Beyond Wonderland (San Francisco), The Day After (Panama), Wish Outdoor (Monterrey), Festival Vaiven, etc… And they are constantly making appearances in clubs all over Latin America, the United States and Europe.

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Tom & Collins signin gon Mother Recordings with a fantastic four-to-the-floor release

Tom & Collins, diggin’ deeper

Hey guys, hope all is well these days?
All is good! Super excited to be in Europe this summer and stoked about our release on Mother Recordings.

Let’s go straight to your freshly released bomb on Mother Recordings, ‘Time To Fly’? Tell us all about it. The process, the idea and how you ended up releasing on the label.
We’ve always loved the groovy yet happy vibe of Mother Recordings, so we thought about a couple of vocal tracks that represent our project, as well as where we come from musically.

A genuine House track, straight up groovy, 4-to-the-floor with lots of energy and an iconic hook line to sing alone! Pur love for the dance floor!

Is there a story behind the title ‘Time To Fly’?
We would say it’s a perfect representation of the balance created between groovy house music and the freshness of our project.

The release contains 2 energetic tracks. Have you road tested the tracks and how did the crowd react?
They’ve been very well responded to. Sola has a Latin vibe and we feel it’s a growing movement around the world. ‘Time To Fly’ makes a statement at the beginning of our sets. We’re really happy with both tracks.

What’s next release-wise?
That’s still a surprise.

How do you look up to new work, what’s the creative process? What are the parameters you take into account if there are any?
Our creative process is always about feeling the track and working hard to getting it where you want it to go. Once every now and then, we have something that we both love, and that’s this EP.

Where do you both draw your creative influences from?
Jorge had much more of a Rock influence and Juan Pablo more of an electronic scene, as well as pop.

If you guys could have produced any record in the world, which one would it be? And why?
I would say any of the Daftpunk albums. Just because of their importance and contribution to electronic music.

How did you both meet and what’s was the spark that set fire to your collaboration?
We met in high school and were friends for a while before even knowing that we both had a common love for music. We decided to DJ one night together at a club just for fun and ended up playing for 8 hours. Everything else came naturally after that.

You work closely together obviously. How does this collaboration work? Who does what?
We always try to hit the studio together, so that we’re both in sync with the process of the track. Depending on the type of song we’re making is the way we start, if it’s a club track we usually start by building a loop with a nice groove and if it’s more of a song with classic verse, pre and chorus structure, then we start with the chords and build on top of that. Jorge is always more involved in the musical theory part, getting the right chords and the right emotional notes. Juan Pablo is more into synthesis, sound design and just giving the sound the right vibe. I guess that’s what makes us a good team. But we’re always producing together so it doesn’t feel like each one should be doing their part, each Track is different and we just try to find a middle ground where we’re both happy.

What were the milestones that brought you closer to achieving your dream to become a DJ/producer?
The process was very natural and casual in a way. We’ve always been melomaniacs but we actually started djing as a hobby, music has always been our passion but I guess we never thought we’d be able to live off of it , so Jorge majored in Law and Juan Pablo in Marketing.

We started doing well during the weekends by playing in clubs and making parties just for fun but we didn’t realize that we were making a name for ourselves. When we started getting offers to bigger and more serious events, we decided to study music production, we went to countless courses and personal teachers because we didn’t have time to another major. We decided not only to Dj but to make our own sound and as the Tom & Collins project got bigger, we were preparing to put out our own music. It was not until that moment, like 7 years ago that we realized this could actually be our future and so all of our childhood dreams started to make sense.

Are there things you still want to accomplish and learn?
We’re constantly learning, every time we learn something new, we feel like we know less. That’s why we believe it’s so important to collaborate, you learn so much from other artists and it never stops.

What do you do to push the energy?
In the studio, a good old fashioned cup of coffee. When we’re performing, the energy comes from the connection with the crowd.

What’s the story behind ‘Tom’ & ‘Collins”? Do you guys like cocktails?
We always used to ask for Gin soda and lime in our riders when we started Djing. We put the “&” in the middle so that people knew that there were 2 of us. And we loved the fact that people never seemed to forget the name. And also it’s a fresh but strong drink, so 2 adjectives we also like in our music.

Thank you

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