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Julian Sanza delivered a great dark disco-infused guest mix

IN DARK WE TRUST: Julian Sanza

Ciao Julian where are you from and how is the Dark Disco club scene in your country?

I’m from Argentina but currently I live in Bogotà, Colombia. I would say there is a very good scene here, hopefully all will restart after the quarantine. There are really nice clubs here like Kapputt, Video Club, ODEM that are very well set up and with a good variety of styles. Dark Disco feels naturally good here, i would say the scene here its open in terms of genres, as well as local djs and producers there are often visits from overseas.

When did you start DJing/producing and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I was born and raised in Mar Del Plata in Argentina, a touristic city famous for the nightlife  i started music playing the home piano and at the age of 12 my parents got me my first electronic keyboard and then i got obsessed with synths and i started reading Keyboard Magazine; at 16 I purchased myself a Casio HZ600 synth. Then I set up with a friend a complete MIDI Studio to make backing tracks, jingles etc… We did very well so i had enough money to study sound engineering in London where i moved in 1997. Around those years i started my first electronic music project ‘Ciudad Feliz’. By the late 90’s scene in my town was based on Trance, Progressive, House that was big in Argentina, but i was more inclined to Deep House, Disco House, Trip Hop and artists like Daft Punk, Paper Recordings, Guidance, Pagan, 2020 Vision, Fila Brazillia, Mateo&Matos etc… all them were big influences.

The best & worst experience as a DJ?

I can say almost all gigs are great experiences since I like to enjoy all of it, for example I always try to arrange to be able to rest before and after the gig so i don’t have to think about early flights, also enjoy making new friends. Perhaps one highlight of recent years was 2017 RHA Festival in a beautiful location in Mexico, i had the chance to play there a live set as Silver City with my friend Fernando and we had a cracking time. I had a very bad experience were i got to a city to play a gig very bad organized, so bad that the promoters run out of gasoline for the electricity and took two hours to come back and turn it on again, most people left, when i was in the middle of the set one of the organizers tells me ‘we wont be able to pay you’ , then they didn’t come after to take me to the airport and they did not pick up the phone the following days to arrange the payment, I had to go through threats to close the matter in the best possible way LOL

With this pandemic situation and clubs lockdowns how are you spending your time home?

I’m producing music, giving online classes of Ableton and Logic, cooking, and taking care of my child with my wife, pretty busy…

What can we expect from your Podcast for IN DARK WE TRUST? Talk us about your selection.

They are all productions by me and tracks i did with friends, mostly unreleased!!! Since Berny told me he liked my track “Starduster” I knew wich direction to take, i hope you like it, thank you!!!

Thank you

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