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Mystery Affair

IN DARK WE TRUST: Mystery Affair

She’s a Mexican DJ, Producer and Promoter. Among her achievements is the creation of her own recording label, MONOCERO RECORDS. She’s also featured as part of the SUNDAY SUNDAY Guadalajara and PERVERT party scene and proud member of the BORN IN MEXICO family. Her signature hypnodance sets explore the alleys of House, Nu Disco, Dark Disco and Techno, managing every time to set the dance floor on fire.

She made a very nice mix for Italian DJ & Producer Berny‘s IN DARK WE TRUST mix series.

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Ciao Erika where are you from and how is the Dark Disco club scene in your country?

Hi guys, I’m from Guadalajara Mexico the city where the tequila, mariachi and best food is from.
The dark disco scene here is really cool, people are super used to the sound and they love it, many cool and amazing producers from the dark disco scene are Mexicans so it’s quite usual for the crowd to dance with this sound.

You played in Panorama Bar in Berlin for a couple of times recently, what can you tell us about this experience?

Yes, Berghain/Panorama bar has invited me for 3 different times, each one has been incredible and so different. First time was the Revoloting Party at Laboratory Room, I was super nervous because it was my first time in that room, since usually it’s a only men’s room, I played after The Emperor Machine which is one of my favorite electronic music projects and the experience was super nice. My second time was sunday morning in Panorama Bar, my favorite room in the club, it was an amazing amazing day and people reacted incredibly well so that’s how the 3rd gig came, this time they gave me sunday night at Panorama Bar and again the vibe was super fun and full of love. In general Berghain/Panorama Bar it’s one of the most incredible experiences in my life, the energy and the vibe is very special and unique.

Dark Disco is a well know genre in Mexico and Israel since more than 5 years, how is people reacting during your gigs in Europe?

People in Europe recognize the Mexican Dark Disco sound so they like to hear cosmic dark sounds and they react amazingly to it.

With this virus situation and club’s lockdowns how are you spending your time home?

Making music, experimenting with new sounds in my studio, I’ve done a few streaming’s, also I’ve being listening to a lot of new music and artists, reading, cooking, happy with all the free stuff online, making new projects and spending time time with my girl.  

What can we expect from your Podcast for IN DARK WE TRUST? Tell us about your selection.

Cosmic dark sounds, very energetic and at the same very sexy for the dance floor.

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