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Together with Tooker Nico Stojan releases a new EP via Crosstown Rebels.

In depth with Berlin native Nico Stojan

Berlin native, Nico Stojan, has been all across the planet taking people on musical journeys since the early nineties. He developed a deep love for Jazz & Hip Hop before the vibrant growth of the famous Berlin electronic nightlife.

Nico’s productions find the perfect harmony between analog & digital sounds, irresistible grooves accompanied by entrancing melodies.

Once the Berlin scene took flight, Nico was expressing himself with euphoric sets as a resident at Bar25. Ever since, his sound has been welcomed by seas of desert dancers, festivals of warm hearts & clubs of ecstatic ravers.

We had a short chat with this great artist to get some more insights into his career development and his release on Crosstown Rebels, together with Tooker.

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hey hey, hope all is well?

Hey helloo…feeling good atm thank you! 

For our readers who don’t know much about you, could you tell us a bit about your music background? How did it all start out for you?

It all started in the 90s when I was able to play around with my friend’s drum computer. I was super hooked and the chance appeared and I bought my first SP12 drum computer. A year later a MPC60 and producing HipHop beats was becoming the main focus 🙂

Is there a track you want to share from the past you are most proud of? Maybe tell us the reason why you are still proud of this older work. 

When I am listening to my album “Twisted Manners”, I can definitely say that I would do some things in a different way now, but I still love the vibe and the feeling of it.

What about your childhood was unique and most contributed to the adult/artist you’ve become today?

Playing the clarinet in the school jazz band was probably one of the factors. But in general, being able to go to a school that was more music-oriented was the best thing that could happen to me when I was young.

And what kind of music did you listen to growing up, and does it have any influence on your current sound? If not, what or who are your inspirations?

My parents had a wonderful small vinyl collection and my love for soul, jazz & funk started very early. I guess this was a big influence on my musical orientations.

Who are your musical heroes and why?

Alice Coltrane • her music touches me on the deepest level

David Axelrod • his music always takes me on big journeys 

Quincy Jones • he is the best and most influential producer of all times

And when it comes to your field, producing, are there any particular ideas or pioneers that you go back to frequently or who really influence your thinking about the work you do?

I would say that I try not to look too much around so that I can stay more in the zone and stay creative which is not possible all the time… but I am always trying. 🙂

How do you want people to describe you as an artist?

Not stuck and too limited as I like to think that I am super open to different styles.

How would you describe your sound and style?

Mostly warm and when it comes to frequencies well balanced between the feminine and the masculine essences.

As we age, our ears change physically and our tastes evolve too, and life changes mean we don’t get to engage in our passions in the same intensity as in our youth – how has your relationship with sound and music changed over the years?

Good question…maybe I am sometimes getting a bit more playful or let’s say experimental…but I am not sure. 🙂

Music and sound are in some ways the most collaborative and interactive forms of creativity – what are your thoughts on this?

Music and dancing, yes! Also, good vibes are the most important baselayers/fundamentals for that. 😉

Do you prefer to work solo or collaborate with others? 

Both sides have their challenges but I love to collaborate, yes. 🙂 It always creates something unexpected and mostly wonderful at the end.

Tell us about the upcoming release together with Tooker. What can we expect from your Frisbee EP, which will be out via Crosstown Rebels? 

There was a mild lockdown happening in Berlin and we were playing frisbee in the park, after that, we had a session at my studio and named the output around our daily activity. “Frisbee” is not pretending, it’s just a light flow into the groovy vibes. 

Nico Stojan & Tookers’s Frisbee is out on Beatport.

Give us an insight into what we can expect from Nico Stojan over the next few months.

Another collabo coming on our label Ouïe [wee] together with David Mayer, and I have created a three-track ep that will be released in April. 🙂

Thank you

Super nice. Thank you! 🙂

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