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In depth with Rey&Kjavik

Rey&Kjavik is a German artist whose unique sound has seen him travel the world over many years and release his music on the likes of Mobilee, Get Physical, and his own imprint RKJVK. With a recent single “Yaalin” out on his label, we sat down with him to find out more…

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Hey R&K, how has summer been for you so far?

Summer was great, I saw so many happy faces and beautiful events. Even when the weather was not good for some of them the mood of the crowd kept the vibe high. Fittingly, I’m sitting right now in Ibiza on a terrace and enjoying watching lightning and a thunderstorm.

Does the weather affect the music you make?

Of course, everything around you influences your work. I pay a lot of attention to my feelings and my environment when producing new music. The weather also has an influence on your feelings and in turn on your production.

Rey&Kjavik single “Yaalin” is out now on RKJVK. Grab it here

Where does inspiration come from – film, dreams, TV, other music, people?

Inspiration can show itself from all things in your life, you just need to pay attention and keep calm.

What gear do you use in the studio to make your music?

I use Ableton as a DAW and analog Synths or VSts, whatever sound is needed in the process. For me, it was very important to also have a very transportable setup to catch ideas wherever I’m on the planet. So, to be able to work in the box was the perfect solution between all the tour hustle in airports, hotels, and planes.

What defines your sound, what made the signature?

It was always important to me to do only what I really feel. I go into the studio without planning what I’m going to do. I let my feelings do the planning and just turn it into music. Over the years I’ve created a sound that ranges from 80 to 122 bpm. My love for certain sounds and my feelings have organically turned the whole thing into what others call my typical sound.

What’s your aim in the studio – to make groovers that connect, or emotions, or a certain style of energy?

It depends. It can be emotional, energetic, or deep, fast, or slow. The only goal is to be satisfied with the result. This is by far the hardest point, when it is done I have done everything in my power to convey my feelings in the best possible way. Important to me personally is honesty to my emotions while I produce before thinking about charts or plays in the studio, otherwise, I would lie to myself and feel like going to work instead of following my instinct in the studio, and that is not an option.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Blessed to live this life as an artist with all its ups and downs.

What else have you got coming up?

I’m looking forward to releasing the new RKJVK clothing, but more info shall be announced on that topic soon. 🙂

Thank you.

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