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Interview and guest mix by Socko

In depth with Socko

The strong passion for electronic music is the cynosure in Socko’s professional journey. Being a “child” of Armenia and Georgia, he always feels a strong bond to his roots, which has influenced him a lot in forming Socko’s very own music production style. At the same time, his compositions are diverse and incorporate various musical instruments to achieve that signature sound. His performances are very unique and inspired by the moment.

Music creation is an indispensable part of Socko’s life and performances. He spends hours in the studio, preparing new gems for the upcoming releases. Besides, the majority of artists’ performances are live, truly live, inspired by this very moment and especially for the crowd, he plays for.

Time for a chat with this great talent. On top, enjoy the guest mix he recorded for us.

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When & how did you first get involved with music? Is there any work you’re particularly proud of? 

Honestly, It’s been 3 years since I got into music. Before that time I had a long path of searching through trial and error and finally finding my destiny – a career in the music industry, namely electronic music, particularly downtempo. Downtempo is so much like me and about me, I have the same rhythm in life, going slow and steady and each of my tracks is a reflection of some life occasions. That’s why I can’t pick one work over others. But one thing I can tell is that I can see how I grow professionally from track to track and that’s an amazing adventure.

What makes you intensely happy?

You know, I can say that overall I am a happy person. I am the happiest when I’m home, with my family, seeing how my son is growing up. That’s priceless.

In your view, what were/are your biggest challenges?

Just imagine for a second a boy from a country that a lot of people can’t pick on a map decides and tells everyone that he’ll have international recognition in electronic music. What would your reaction be? The industry in Armenia is emerging but still has a lot of work to do to become established. So, I feel the responsibility and I want to bring my art to a worldwide public. Ambitious? Maybe. Requires hard work and dedication? Yes and I believe that slow and steady wins the race.

What inspires you?  

Life. It’s a massive source of inspiration. I love and enjoy every second of it.

What gives you energy?   What keeps you awake at night?

Emotions, energy and the reaction of people on the dance floor. It’s so precious. At the very second when I see that the crowd is literally on cloud nine, dancing, taking the utmost from the moment, I get the most powerful boost of energy. And that can’t be compared to alcohol or anything else.

Emotions, energy and the reaction of people on the dance floor.

Do you have bad habits you can’t get rid of? Which hype is overrated? What is the best advice you ever got?

It embarrassing to admit but I sometimes go over the speed limit. Why I call it a bad habit is because I love old sports cars and many years ago I loved racing. The love for fast cars is still present in my life, the racing is far in the past. So I almost succeeded in getting rid of that habit, especially after becoming a dad and feeling the responsibility for my family.

Hype is an indispensable part of today’s reality. Creating a hype is not an easy thing, so I can’t judge if it’s overrated or not. I’m not focusing on that.

The best piece of advice I formulated for myself. It is to accept only information that matters to me and can make a change.

How does it feel to be part of the Gardens of Babylon family? Seems to be a very inspiring and happy crew?

It’s as amazing and breathtaking as the Gardens of Babylon used to be for the ancient world.

Congrats on your upcoming release with them. Tell us all about the process from the idea, to production to signing to the label?

“Ghost is not human” and “Queen is an Eagle” were created in 4 days. It was in September, the weather was just superb, and I was driving my 1996 BMW Z3 (James Bond’s car), and listening to country music on cassette. That was a trigger to give that style and sound to my own interpretation.

I got back to them a week after finishing and simultaneously started joining in the singing. That’s how I hit upon an idea to write the lyrics and have vocals in the tracks. IV-IN was the best vocalist to my mind who could give these tracks their final signature sound.

I didn’t consider any other options for this release but The Gardens of Babylon. I tried my luck and sent the EP directly to Shishi. I should have finished my story here, but that’s not over. Even after the release of The Gardens of Babylon was approved, I had a feeling that something is missing in the EP. After long days of analysing and listening to it over and over again, I found the missing element – “Red Wet Dress”.

Socko’s Chemistry is available on Beatport.

Thank you.

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