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Interview with the Organism

In Depth with The Organism

Where there is a solid and strong spiritual strength and vivid interest behind the artist’s mind to bring originality to music, uniqueness manifests itself as a result. Ukrainian performer The Organism is a prime example of that very thing: a multi-genre, always unpredictable producer with his signature style that combines the best hypnotic bass vibrations, exciting shamanic vocals and mystical ethnic sounds. Roman Yarmolenko began his career back in 1999 as DJ Alfred. He managed to go a long way from a young resident of top Kyiv establishments, to a successful music producer. In 2013, Alfred decided to leave the boring mainstream sound and began experimenting with sound, attracting young musicians, singers, sound engineers to his works, and embodied his new pseudonym The Organism.

Currently, The Organism is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. His tracks are performed at mass festivals and in some of the worlds best clubs. His track “Reflection”, which came out on Moscoman’s esteemed Disco Halal imprint, took The Organism to a higher level and established him as the sole artist name as the track has received the support of many well-known taste trendsetters around the world such as Solomun, Dixon, Black Coffee, Ame, Kolsch, DJ Tennis, Dennis Ferrer, Andhim and many others.

In the near future a lot of new things await him. Being an ambitious artist in all his endeavours, The Organism always keeps an ear open to hear new sounds that will not let you stand aside from his music, but rather listen and dance to it. Musical vibrations of The Organism seep deep into the heart, this is the music that you need to know and keep in your collection.

We took the time to serve up some questions to get to know more about this talent.

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How has 2021 been for you so far, what have been the highs and lows?

2021 has been much better than previous years in particular the summertime, I’ve played on many different open-air places and festivals.

What’s the aim of your label, Organic Tunes – what music do you look to put out?

The main goal of the label is to express myself and show my music vision and ideas. My concept is the use of live instruments and vocals that are organic elements. 

How do you judge success, is it by sales, high profile support, or do you only care about you liking the music?

I’m focused on the music side at the moment and the rest will follow. As long as my music makes me happy right now, I am happy and sure things will follow 🙂

What are the worst bits about life in music, as a DJ, producer, label boss? Earning money? Social media? Staying in the headlines?

Bad times are when things don’t work out or not going according to plan. After the hard times of the last 18months, the bad things are very clearly always balanced out and forgotten about when you consider the many great positive things. 🙂

You are always eclectic in what you put out, does that get easier or harder? Does it come naturally? Do you ever have to learn new skills to make new sounds?

I am always in search of new sounds and all kinds of musical solutions. I love eclecticism because with the help of different styles you can create something of your own essence.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

The main source of inspiration is people (connoisseurs of creativity), well, without a doubt, these are goals and dreams that can drive me the most when I am in the studio and just about to start a new project for sure. 

Tell us about your upcoming release “Terpsichore” on Bar 25 Music  – what does the label mean to you, how did it come about?

I am extremely happy about all my releases but especially this new one on Bar 25. It’s for me one of the legendary labels that at some stage shaped my musical tastes. Glad to touch the legend.

The Organism’s “Terpsichore” EP is outon October 15 via Bar 25 Music. Grab it here .

What gear do you use in the studio to make your music and does that matter to you?

I care about music quality, I love analog sound so I use different synths and live instruments. Moog Sub 37, Novation Bass Station II, Roland TB-03, ROLAND JUPITER-X are just a few!

Do you make the tunes you want to play in your own sets, is there a direct link like that?

It depends on the case. I often play my own tunes, of course, depending on the time of my set and feel of the crowd/vibe.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

My plan is to go ahead to create a lot of fresh music, remixes and collaborations. I can’t say a lot right now but be assured I have a lot to announce over the next 3-4months I can’t wait to tell all my fans about it. 🙂

Thank you.

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