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Fabio Della Torre, owner of Bosconi records

In the mix: Fabio Della Torre

Fabio Della Torre, a leading figure in Italy’s electronic music scene

Hailing from Florence, Italy, Fabio Della Torre aka Corcos is a leading figure in Italy’s electronic music scene. He is the brains behind Bosconi, one of Italy’s most esteemed house music imprints. Alongside Ennio Colaci, Della Torre also produces as one half of production duo, Minimono, themselves veritable purveyors of discerning electronic music.

As likely to spin deep house as he is minimal techno or more up-tempo funk numbers, Della Torre’s passion and unpredictable nature is a hallmark of his extensive DJ style.

From a production perspective, Fabio’s solo works have appeared on the likes of Concrete Paris, Vibraphone, Robsoul, Inner Balance, Telegraph, Tuning Spork, Tenax and Oslo. Cabanne, Marcel Fengler, Regen, Jay Haze, Eduardo De La Calle and Scott Grooves are among those who’ve remixed his work. Never one to pander to obvious trends or sounds, it’s with good reason that Fabio Della Torre is renowned as one of Italy’s finest electronic music exports.

Today he is here with a fabulous mix and a short interview. Enjoy.

Bosconi records

In 2008, alongside Ennio Colaci Fabio founded Bosconi records, with its sublabel, Bosconi Extra Virgin (an outlet for more eclectic releases). To date, Bosconi has released over seventy records, with A Guy Called Gerald, DJ Nature, Andres, Paul Johnson, Scott Grooves and San Proper just some of those they’ve played host to. Bosconi is equally dedicated to fostering emerging Italian talent, with Herva, Life’s Track, Nas1, Rufus, Dukwa, Riccio, Mass Prod and The Clover all equally responsible for the label’s quick ascension. Such is Bosconi’s reputation among in-the-know house heads, that in 2013, they had the distinction of being awarded Resident Advisor’s ‘Label of the Month’.

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A few rapid-fire questions with Fabio Della Torre

Where do you come from and what makes your place so special for you?
I come from Fiesole, a relatively small village on the hill above Florence, Italy. It’s in the middle of the countryside, quiet and peaceful … hard to imagine me far from here!

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in and around the city or country?
It’s nice and flourishing, despite Florence is not a big city the scene is very active and artistically quite special and evolved.

What excites you the most as being a DJ/producer?
Actually, for me, DJing is just being myself. I don’t pretend to be anything else but a DJ. Ever since I was a kid the groove is what always made me shake. As a drummer as a teenager and right after as a DJ and producer and label manager. Even though I consider myself more of a DJ rather than anything else.

For me, DJing is just being myself. I don’t pretend to be anything else but a DJ.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
Comes from my father, always feeding me with rock, fusion and synthesisers. Yes, no doubt it comes from him!

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians or life in general?
Well yes, always influenced but hard for me to say in which specific way. I guess I developed more of an instinct to pick what I like and what I don’t like. I follow things just according to my personal experience what excites or sounds innovative to me and what doesn’t.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
This mix is quite close to how I’m approaching my club sets lately. From new records to older ones from my collection, it also includes me diving into some of the techno/progressive sounds I was really into when I started DJing in ’95, such as releases on Plank or from the super Tuscan brothers, Open Spaces. The set also features one of the tracks from my latest EP on Bosconi and a couple of others on the label, including Dan Curtin‘s and upcoming Gareth Oxby to be released now in June.

Thank you very much!

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