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Interview: a passionate O.D.Math about DJing and producing music.

Always on the cutting edge with the latest releases, infusing his sets with retro tracks and unexpected gems, O.D.Math has grown fast as a DJ in the traditional definition of the term. Meanwhile, he found residency in several electronic music collectives including Play Label, Borderline Corp and Electronical Reeds. He is also one of the most frequent artists behind the decks of the Wood club where he matched his skills with the titans of the industry such as H.O.S.H., Nic Fanciulli, Uner, Rodriguez Jr., Marc Romboy, Oliver Huntemann and Extrawelt to name a few.

More solid productions on the way, backed up by years of DJing

Music production was the next step for Mathias. Landing his first works on Electronical Reeds in 2013, his goal for a solo EP was to make a statement about his personal sound and the direction that he wanted to go in for the years to come. Deliverance EP, released on Electronical Reeds in 2015, clearly made his point heard, backed up by a solid remix by BPitch Control’s regular, Kiki.

With more solid productions on the way, backed up by years of DJing, O.D.Math is a strong addition to pretty much any line-up.

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In-dept with O.D.Math

You have just returned from No Man’s World Festival – could you tell us a bit about the festival and your gig?
It’s was the 4th edition of NMWF this year and they extended the festival with a second day. We took over the “Oasis” stage with the Electronical Reeds crew on Sunday, September 30. No Man’s World is taking place in a sand quarry so you’re really surrounded by an amazing landscape that seems out of a Mad Max movie. There was a small Burning Man feeling during this day. We had a blast!

And how did you spend your summer months up until today?
Actually, I had a quiet summer this year so I took some well-deserved vacations on the French Riviera and spend some time in the studio between the few gigs I had here and there.

You are running your own mix series called “Other Dimension”. What is it about?
I didn’t want to do another random mix series. I wanted a story behind it and a bound between the different mixtapes. When I try to define my sound and the tracks I play, I always have words like “cosmic”, “solar” or “space” in mind. So I decided to go with the “Other Dimension” name and every mix is a new “transmission”. Plus, it matches with my DJ name. 😉

When I try to define my sound and the tracks I play, I always have words like “cosmic”, “solar” or “space” in mind.

Check out the “Other Dimension” series over here »

Being in the label Electronical Reeds, DJing and producing – what’s your heart beating for the most?
My heart beats for DJing and the connection with the crowd. It’s been my passion for almost 20 years and it’s not going weaker! I also love working in the studio on new sounds but it’s always as a way to have new tools for the dancefloor even if it’s not peak time material all the time.

My heart beats for DJing and the connection with the crowd. It’s been my passion for almost 20 years and it’s not going weaker!

What are currently your main challenges?
My main challenges are finishing the tracks I’m working on. I have so many unfinished stuff in the vaults that I have to come up with a system to focus on the most promising ones. I know it can sound silly or simple but I have high standards when it comes to the tracks I play so it can take some time to be happy with my work. It’s quality above quantity here.

What is the idea behind Electronical Reeds, your home label based in Brussels. It feels very familiar, doesn’t it?
Yes, it’s a family affair. The primary goal was having an output to help upcoming producers to develop their sound. We quickly emerge with a core of home base artists that became a real crew of friends. We are approaching the 50th release so it’s really something. I’m really thankful to Arnaud, Felix and Laurent for the help and trust they gave me!

What’s generally your first step, when you sit down to produce new tracks or work on remixes? Any routine in the studio?
It’s very different if it is a remix or my own original tracks. For a remix, I listen to the parts and keep only a few key elements like the vocals, a particular synth or some distinctive drums. Then I make them my own, using effects and build the track around that. It’s pretty classic remix action but I like to had a crazy touch to bring it to my world.

For my own production, I don’t have a recurrent approach. I can start with the bass or a synth hook or even with a chopped vocal but always with some melodic elements. I never start with the drums. I’ll add the rhythmic parts when I have a good 32 or 64 bar loop going on and I want to start the arrangement.

You recorded a special mix for us. How did you choose the tracks and how did you record the mix?
I recorded the mix at home in the studio. The track selection is a little bit eclectic as I wanted to show all the facets of my sound. I try to do an “in key” selection for all my home recorded mixes. It’s in the spirit of my “Other Dimension” series with a special touch.

Do you have to be in a certain mood to record a set?
Not really but I sometimes do the track selection when I come back home after some drinks so I’m more in a party mood and then record the mix the day after. 🙂

What are your favourite clubs in Belgium?
My favourite club is the infamous Fuse. It’s been a staple in Brussels’ nightlife for almost 25 years now and it’s still at the top of the game.

And where do you go when you’re in Berlin?
I really like Watergate. I know it’s being considered as one the most popular, touristic & “not so underground” clubs in Berlin but I love the place, the view on the water, the staff and it was the first club I went in B-town years ago.

What’s in store for you and the Electronical Reeds Crew over the next few months?
I have a banging remix coming in November on ER. The original is from TAPE, an old friend but newcomer on the label. For this one, I added a new vocal, not present in the original production. I can’t for the world to ear it. I had tremendous feedback so far.

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