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Interview: Belitu


A while ago we’ve discovered Belitu on Soundcloud while listening to some tech-house music. We ended up enjoying “Forecast“, their very first EP. A short period after we’ve noticed they had uploaded some snippets of their upcoming “Masters EP”. Read our short review from a little while ago. From that review on we got in touch and we discovered they are the owners of Attaché Records, that is releasing some very nice tech-house records.

So for all that matters an interview had to take place to give these 2 young producers a voice. Hope you will enjoy:

In five words, can you sum up Belitu for those that have never seen you or heard of you?
K: We can sum it up in two words. “Life music” This is the essence of our production. We are real people, living in the real life, so our music is mostly influenced by our everyday life.

A: Yeah, I totally agree with Kristof. My five words would be: “True vibes, music for everybody”.

Now for real, who is Belitu?
K: We are Akos and Kristof, a producer-duo from Budapest, Hungary. We’ve met at the university 4 years ago. We started the project “Belitu” in July, 2014.

A: I could say Belitu is a “creature of Berlin”… Because everything started there, this is really a good story!

So, can you just briefly tell us who’s who and who does what?
K: We have just finished our studies. Currently we are seeking for jobs while producing music besides trying to give birth to our own label called “Attaché Records“.

A: We do and did almost everything together! Producing, mixing, mastering, dj-ing,… But everybody knows his own ‘little’ role, so, we are never complaining with each other, we know what we have to do, and we do it!

How did Belitu come into existance?
K: We were doing a course called “Arts Management”. We were in Berlin visiting the Biennale on our last school trip and we brought two speakers and a laptop with us just for fun. We went to a party together, and there we realized that we could do something together for sure. By the time we got back to our place, we already started to work on a track. Of course it was nothing, but it gave us the push to continue the whole project when we got back home to Budapest.

A: Exactly, that’s the story of Belitu. And since it all started we constantly feel an inner intuition that leads us forward, even though it is quite hard nowadays to stand out from the massive amount of producers.

As you only just started, what did you do before?
K: I was involved in the electronic music business before with many different projects, but I always felt the urge to start something like this before.

A: Besides the university I attended a music producer course where I mastered everything to be able to create modern dance music. I also study classical music since my childhood where I get almost every influence that I adapt into Belitu’s productions.

How does the attention feel, now that you are getting more and more?
K: We are still quite unknown, but we are always trying to present our works to new audiences. We are really happy to say that all the tracks we’ve made so far are going to be released. Our music is being promoted around the globe from Japan to the UK, which makes us really-really happy and confident to continue pursuing our dreams. There’s no better feeling for an artist than knowing that his music can be interpreted in so many different cultural contexts.

A: Quite good, thank you! But there is a lot more to come I hope! Anyway, we are still at the beginning of something long. Our goal is always to develop, to make better and better music and of course to see that our fans like our stuff.

Do you think that the kind of music you grew up listening to affects the taste of music you develop?
K: I guess this is totally true. Every factor affects the music what you make. As I said it before, this is highly valid for Belitu as well. Our music is influenced by our everyday life.

A: As I mentioned above, I got and still get my inspiration mainly from classical music, especially from the Baroque era. And now, since I’ve jumped into dance music I started to discover the pioneers of electronic music from the 70’s, 80’s. It means that a new dimension of music has opened to me.

What were your past influences and how can we see that translate into your style now?
K: Akos’s classical musical and pianist background adds a lot to the quality of the project. Me personally, I was always into underground and deep sounds, which I think also can be heard in our production. In my opinion, exactly that is why we make such a good team. Two guys with different past.

A: Exactly, Kristof said it well. My two recent influences was our trip to Berlin of course, and my studies at the music producer school. Studying with people who have same interests as me was a fantastic feeling and probably one of the best choices in my life.

What technology out there has had the greatest influence / helped you to get where you are now?
K: Clearly Internet is the most important thing here. Here in Hungary, the whole music-culture is way less developed than for example in Berlin or London. Especially when it comes to electronic music… The Internet gives us the ability to think without borders, which I think is a beautiful thing.

What constitutes a good remix to you?
K: For me a good remix is a good track. Sometimes a good remix can be almost the same as the original version, sometimes it can be totally different.

A: I think a good remix should be as good as the original, or sometimes it can be better. Or at least this is what we want to achieve when we have a remix request.

The track that’s in your sets for the coming months?
K: We are currently working on our live set that is going to be premiered in November. The idea is that we are going to use only our own sounds. If I have to say something from another artist, I really dig the Dutch Daaf Hamaker’s “Warm Thoughts” EP. It will be out on Attaché soon.

A: It would be amazing to play only our tunes. Apart from Belitu I would play mostly Attaché artists because their style is very colorful and musical: Auditrophe Ernaehrung from Berlin or Monk&Saunders from London for instance…

Any upcoming releases planned for the near future?
K: Our “Masters” EP is going to be released this week on Attaché Records. We are also going to have 3 singles released with remixes on the Norway based Small Records. We also expect a single plus a couple of remixes to be dropped via Muskox Records.

A: Yeah, Kristof mentioned everything besides Jockey that will be released on Mad Mole Music soon. But now, since we have a quite nice repertoire we can keep thinking on some unorthodox and “monumental” music projects. But that is for the future…

Sell lots of music or play lots of gigs?
K: Both 😀 Just joking! I would rather choose the gigs. We want to travel and see the world so badly…

A: Compose a lot of music! And play them to more and more people, that is my dream.

Where will be able to see you perform the rest of the year?
K: As it was said before, we are currently working on our live performance. As soon as it is ready, we can start touring with that material.

A: Yeah, that live set will be very cool! We are still managing our timetable for this year but you can find everything on our social media sites, so you won’t miss anything.

Social media:

Read our review about the upcoming “Masters EP” from Belitu that soon will be released via their own label Attaché Records.

Thank you very much guys.

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