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Interview: DJ Awards had a chat with UNER

DJ Awards, the longest running and most faithful DJ Poll is turning 17 this year. We wrote about the award ceremony and your chance to cast your vote a little while ago. Read about the confirmed nominees and categogories in our previous post.

Before the actual event on September 30, DJ Awards tries to interview some of the nominees. In this case they had a chat with UNER. Him being one of the most important names of the new generation of Spanish electronic music producers surely deserved a nomination.

Hope you enjoy the interview conducted by the friendly people from the DJ Awards crew.

Welcome to a new edition of the DJ Awards! You have been nominated in the Tech House Category. This nomination is to celebrate your achievements. What do this and other DJ polls mean to you?
Thank you very much! The truth is that after the nomination last year and the surprise victory, it is an honour to return once more and appear in a category packed with so many big names.
I have always said that awards should not be given more or less importance than they have. We cannot deny that we all love to receive a nomination or an award because it is a sign that you’re doing well, but not to receive or win is not a sign that you are doing badly. 🙂

UNER – DJ Awards 2014 Tech House Nominee – Exclusive Podcast by Dj Awards on Mixcloud

It’s festival time across the globe now, tell us which are your favourite festivals you’ve played at so far and why? And which are still on your to-do-list and why?
We’ve been through many festivals this year. I can remember several that have surprised me such as the Pacha Festival in Holland, or Freelive in Spain, among others. But one in particular that has surprised me this year has been DreamBeach in Almeria, where almost 80,000 people gathered and where we had the opportunity to play, just after Hawtin, with an amazing reception. It was a great experience.

Which are the countries you have been touring the most during the last 12 months?
We’ve toured almost the entire world. We have covered most of Europe and much of America. We’ve toured UK, France, Germany, of course Spain. We’ve been in the USA visiting more than 15 cities, some several times, as well as in Argentina, Chile, etc. … To date we have performed almost 100 gigs, so you can imagine…

In 2014, is there any new equipment, or software that you´ve discovered that now are must-haves for your DJ sets? And why would you recommend them to fellow DJs and producers?
Yes. Some time ago I started using “Maschine” in my studio and decided to add it to my live sessions. Actually it was a revelation. It allows me to create new beats live, play, improvise and especially gives more energy to the pace but sometimes with more gentle rhythms. Right now it is a major tool in my sessions.

Tell us about any new productions you´re working on, and which producers you’d like to collaborate with in the future and why?
After the experience of my first album, I’m currently working on the ideas for the following album. Besides, I have in line remixes for Guti and another one we cannot yet reveal, although I can say that is the most important work that I have done so far. Yet there are other projects in terms of music and live performances.

If you had a week off in Ibiza, which parties would you definitely not miss?
When I have days off I try to rest hahaha! But Reverse, Enter or Paradise on weekdays are the ones I wouldn’t miss, and of course ANTS on Saturdays. Yes, to tell you the truth I have not yet had the opportunity to go to these parties on one of my actual days off.

We wish you the best luck. How will you celebrate if you result to be chosen by the public and receive the Kyptonite DJ Award?

Thank you. And also, I would like as always to give a big thank you to all my team, my friends and my family, without whom all this would be pointless.

DJ Awards 2014

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