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Interview with Dragosh

Interview: Dragosh about his recent release ‘y Dra’

A firm advocate of hypnotic loops and dancefloor dynamics

Undoubtedly one of minimal techno’s most promising and intriguing prospects, Romanian producer Dragosh continues to impress with each passing release. A firm advocate of hypnotic loops and dancefloor dynamics, Dragosh is a man whose stringent sound has graced a litany of top-drawer labels, with Brouqade and Desolat among those he’s delivered his own brand of magical music. His latest release sees him in vintage form, too. Released on the emerging Otaku records, ‘y Dra’ is a spellbinding record that rubberstamps the producer’s rep as a man worth looking out for.

‘y Dra’ is a spellbinding record that rubberstamps the producer’s rep as a man worth looking out for

We put some questions to him recently.

Here’s what went down …

You’ve had a busy 2017. Can we expect the same in 2018?
I think 2018 will be busy too! I have already scheduled some releases and gigs and am now planning to put some others on the list. 2018 already started with some great news from the labels where I’ll release music, like the Otaku record which has just dropped.

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How did the release on Otaku come about?
The release came out pretty naturally actually. I’ve known Mario from the label for several years now (we both live in Milan) and he asked me for some music when he started out. Luckily he liked some tunes so we decided to do an EP… so all pretty easy I’d say! After that, we decided to do it at the right time and so 2018 seemed like a logical point for us both …

What’s your favourite piece of kit that you own and why?
I don’t have a favourite one, I like everything I have and I actually don’t have much. I prefer to work with all the equipment and change the workflow all the time. I use this technique because it helps me with the creativity. I love my drumbrute but also my drumdokta drum modular and the Braid and Minilogue. I like to combine and not to exclude some parts of my gear.

What release of your own are you most proud of?
Hard question. I’m proud of all of my releases but of course, I have some preferences. The music had changed and so have my releases, but I’m really proud of my releases that made it on to vinyl. I like the ones that I can play in the main room but also the ones that are perfect for afters and warm-ups.

Where is your favourite place to perform? And why? 
I love CdV in Berlin because of the atmosphere you can find there. I try to make all the places I play my favourite one, just because I want to give 100% to the crowd. Each place has the right thing at the right moment and it makes it perfect and natural to play and have fun. Small places, big places, it doesn’t matter; the important thing is to create a binding between you and crowd!

What other DJs/artists are impressing you the most lately?
I really like my friends Dwm Prod. They know how to create great music, great vibes and great sound design. I’m also a big fan of Dana Ruh, Mariano Mateljan and many others but mostly I like to find unknown talents. Recently I received some music from new artists that I didn’t know and the music was mind-blowing. I always ask myself how some people can’t find a good label to release on, what’s the deal with some labels? On mine, we try to release small names but people with big music!

Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate within the near future?
It’s not something I’ve really thought about. I like my collaboration with Andi under our Disuasiv alias but I never say no to creative exchanges.

Who or what has been the sole biggest influence on your career?
The crowd! I need to see the people having fun during my sets! The bound you create with the crowd it’s amazing and it’s amazing the good vibe you keep inside days after each gig!

Will you be making any new years resolutions?
Concentrating more on gigs, my only New Year resolution!

Dragosh’s ‘y Dra’ EP is out now on Otaku Records.

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