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iLogic label

Interview: iLogic’s sensory journey

Not so long ago we got in touch with Mario Garcia, one of the creative brains behind the young Spanish record label, iLogic. We found out they are a passionate bunch, doing lots of great things of which one is releasing very nice electronic music. It’s the kind of music that is spacious, a little darker but mostly deep. They are not that big in following on Soundcloud. In our opinion, they deserve much more followers that need to get to know the label and the music they release.

For this, we asked Mario if he and his companions were interested in doing a short interview and showcase their imprint. They gladly accepted the opportunity. We hope this will give them a little more attention.

iLogic label
iLogic is a project that seeks to explore the intersections between art, technology and electronic music. They call it a sensory journey.

Hey guys, let’s have a short talk about iLogic. Tell us about the background and concept of your label?
iLogic is a project that aims to explore the intersections between technology, art and electronic music. Call it a sensory journey through the most careful electronics. A project as a platform that supports the creative process of emerging artists by providing a high added value to their creations and boosting their engagement with other users and producers to promote their development.

It currently operates in the form of label editing high-quality pieces of international artists and constant evolution and development, displaying a different scenario from the current one, from the point of view of the distribution and advertising of electronic music, proposing distributed alternative models to the current paradigm.

When did you start and what was the motivation and process?
Our motivation was to help independent artist releasing their music; we try to add value to your creations and help to get more engagement with the international electronic music scene.

You are not alone in the organization, is it? Who is doing what?
iLogic is the result of three restless minds, Anto Recio is the label manager. Other people running the label are Jose Moreno and me, Mario Garcia. I, myself am the content selector. I am also responsible for getting new artist signed on the label. Jose Moreno is our press and communication manager. Not to be misunderstood.

What’s your aim with the record label and what direction are you currently heading for?
Currently, iLogic is trying to position itself on the international music scene as a reference regarding quality electronic music. Our motto is to bring added value to the artists who work with us.

Do you focus on one specific sound or are you open to explore multiple genres? Is there a music policy on the label?
Mainly we are interested in techno, music with a strong sound and dance floor oriented. An intimate techno that transports you and makes you enjoy the pure sound. We are not only focussing on this genre, we are also interested in melodic & progressive techno.

What do you have planned for the near future and what are your long term goals with the label?
iLogic was born with a strong idea about the future and currently operates in the form of a label editing high quality pieces of international artists and constant evolution and development, displaying a different scenario from the current one but we are thinking to change the point of view of the distribution and advertising of electronic music, proposing distributed alternative models to the current paradigm.

Tell us something about the artists. Maybe introduce some of them to get a clear view on the talented producers you sign.
Our artist will be big artist tomorrow, Town of Mind is a Spanish duo that has an extensive experience in the cabin. Production-wise they are one of the most promising artists in the Spanish techno scene. Ioan Gamboa, of Spanish origin but resident in Berlin since 2008, has drunk from a musical environment that was made evident in all his productions. He is known for a very peculiar melodic progressive-techno. the Belgian artist Max Cue. His subversive image is perfect for shaping warm and penetrating melodies under the most underground context. Some Science is the name of the group formed by Miguel Prieto & Javier Moreno. An experimental electronic music duo based in Madrid/Berlin. Their unique approach in the studio, deep knowledge of sound engineering and considerable experience making music in different projects, make this duo a formidable prospect in the new era of underground electronic music.

What’s the process to get signed on iLogic?
We first receive a demo, our content selector evaluates the sound and the characteristic of the music. We also propose artist we like to release music on our label.

What do you expect from your artists in your story?
We expect that our artist are happy to work with us and we try to facilitate them at best effort.

What next releases have you planned in the (near) future?
Our next release will be “The Universe of Gödel” by Some Science.

“Relativity is correct, while time, is an illusion”, this is the claim for this LP. The first work from Some Science; a techno music duo based in Madrid / Berlin. Their unique approach to the studio and the vision of techno music make this duo a safe bet for electronic music. Their creations talk about music from inside, rethinking the relationships between people and sound, ensuring an illusory connection with the real world and facilitating access to parallel universes.

“The Universe of Gödel” is a dark techno LP with lines of fast arpeggios and powerful bass. A not very complicated musical line with pads and melodies easy to understand , all built with a pure and real sound. From the machines directly to the dance floor, a big sound with the best techno taste. This LP is a dialogue between the machines, the human mind and mathematics. Three fundamental elements needed to understand this LP.

Thank you very much for your time

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