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Checking in with Massimo Logli

Interview: Massimo Logli releases Through The Barricades

Born at the end of 60s, he approaches music at the age of 12 picking up a music cassette on the street. After which his parents buy him a player, Massimo Logli discovers that the cassette contains “Saturday Night Fever”.

From there the journey begins as a listener of various musical genres. After being a successful manager for more than 30 years, his adventure as a DJ starts at the age of 50. At first private parties. Then his first summer club: Faruk in Marina di Pietrasanta, where he performs under the stage name DJ The Cave. After this, he performed around Italy, From Versilia as a resident of Ostras, to Porto Cervo at Vesper.

What makes Massimo so special is the sound he makes … a mixture of many influences coming from the 70s to date. From early funk to new wave across rock and soul.

His label, Suberba, is preparing a 2022 summer tour: Ibiza, Tenerife, Sardinia, Dubai, Tel Aviv, …

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Hey Massimo! How is everything currently with you? What have you been up to recently?

Hi guys, all right thanks. This winter I locked myself up in the studio to work on a lot of new productions.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical journey so far. What made you want to be involved in the industry, and what are some of the key moments/gigs/festivals that gave you the passion to be a DJ?

Well, I come from the 80s and the contamination of electronic sounds of that period I always carry with me. It was an evolution going through the 90s and arriving today after 30 years and staying connected to electronic music through today’s melodic house and techno, which is what I feel for my music today.

Where are you currently based? And would you say it influences your current sound?

I live in Tuscany and I am a resident DJ of a Club on the Versilia coast. It greatly affects the landscape and my feelings and emotions.

What artists did you look up to when growing up, and who inspired you the most?

When I was young I liked SPANDAU BALLET, and from them, I took the title of my new album – “Through The Barricades”.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to other aspiring producers?

Young boys today must believe in it more than their own lives. Believe in their talent and rely on professionals in the sector, and learn from them.

Tell us about your recent “Through My Barricades” LP – what inspired it, and how happy are you with the end product?

The idea and inspiration came from the memory of my first love when I was a kid. From that thought, I decided to make the album!

The final product is fantastic, Thanks to HOG Studios for the sound.

Pre-order and stream Massimo Logli’s LP Through My Barricades here

Any particular favourite tracks from it you liked especially?

Yes, certainly there are some songs that I like the most: Love in the Sky, Albali, Clouds, As I Am, Let Me Get You and Chasing Stars.

What can’t you live without on the road when touring?

When I am travelling, music must never be missing, mine and that of those who make my own genre. 😉

Outside of producing & music, what else do you enjoy and how do you spend your time?

My wife, food and that feeling of freedom that we should feel every day. All of us.

Do you have any goals for the next few years of your career? Where do you see yourself ending up in the future?

Of course, my goals are definitely playing with international artists, comparing myself with them, whom I admire a lot.

I just got back from the States, so to keep playing and producing beautiful music, manage my “SUPERBA Records” label, and grow it with artists and talents from all over the world!

Thank you.

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