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Interview: meet young talent, Megan

About a month ago Megan had a very nice release on the sublime UNT records. It’s a great techno drop you ought to hear. As we believe in giving brilliant young talents a forum, we sat down with Megan to have a short talk about his music and what’s next to expect from him.

We also had an interesting talk with UNT Records label head John Norman recently. I case you’ve missed it, please check it out. He has an idea about extending shelf life. Essential.

So let’s get started. Tell us, who is Megan?
Megan is a boy who loves techno and has a really big passion for it.

Describe yourself in three words.
Serious, energic and stubborn.

Where are you from?
Im from Kosovo, living in a town called Gjakova.

When & how did you first get involved with music?
At the time I was 15 and I just started listening to electronic music.Artists like richie hawtin, dubfire, chris liebing, ben klock and some other great artists inspired me so much.Then I fell love with techno and it got me producing and dj-ing.I also went to some parties in my town and I got inspired from local artists.Since then I’ve just been developing my skills and my sound, working on the music I love.

Tell us something about your past influences and how can we see that translate into your style?
My first influences were artists like dubfire and chris liebing.I started blending minimal and techno at first to get a good and creative sound.Now i really dig Ostgut Ton sound, that intense, deep and energic techno that really leaves you with your mouth open.Recently I’m just developing my sound as I said and looking to collaborate with good artists/labels.

Any artists that inspire(d) you and why do they have an impact on you?
Ben klock … simply because his sound is so creative and intense.That guy just throws some kickass basslines and drums to make some really good tunes.I love his sound so much, especially all berlin techno artists have inspired me.

If you look at the near future, where do you see yourself going? And in 2 years and long future? Any big plans/dreams or you just going with it?
Well for now im just working on my sound trying to achieve what I have on my mind and expressing myself in the music I make.For the upcoming years I’ll just be making/playing music and really looking forward to some local festivals and gigs… As for the long future I just can say I hope im delivering music all around the world.

In your view, what were/are your biggest challenges?
I can’t say I had any big challenges for now or in my past but I think some challenges of mine were making the sound that I have in my mind translate into tracks.At first I had difficulties trying to express myself in music but now I think I got the concept of how I wanna work.

You got a release on the Canadian UNT Records.How did you end up with them?
I first heard about UNT records on Facebook, I saw a release from Marco Cardoza and I liked it very much, so I looked up UNT on social media and other sites. I contacted them with my EP and they were interested in my work.

Are you happy with the release?
I was very happy to release it on such a good label and I got big support from them.

Is there going to be a follow up or maybe an extra edit with remixes?
Yeah, actually I have been thinking about releasing another EP with them so we’ll see in a few months.

Do you have new releases coming up shortly?
Yes, I have a release coming up on Dolma Records along with my parter in crime Mindbend and my buddy Ersann.

Is there any work you’re particularly proud of?
I’ve released an EP on TMM Records (Young Culture EP) months ago and I can say that it’s been a pleasure working with that label, really enjoyed working on that EP.

As last, what’s your guilty pleasure?
I don’t know if it’s called a guilty pleasure but I really enjoy smoking cigarettes, it makes me feel relaxed. » »

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