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michael klein

Interview: Michael Klein’s collaborative work, HUB three

Michael Klein collabs on Second State Audio’s HUB series

Pan-Pot’s imprint Second State Audio has a nice gig going under the name HUB series. They asked the Berlin-based talented & versatile Michael Klein to work on their third instalment. For this, the artist showcases his production prowess and style collaborating with Pan-Pot, Stephan Hinz, Amelie Lens and Roman Lindau.

We sat down with Michael Klein to talk about the production process as this was his first ever collaborative EP/Album.

Dig into HUB 003 with Micheal Klein and experience his first collaborative venture and the magic that happened. Preview of the release can be found in the interview.

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michael klein

Hello Michael,

How are you doing these days?
I’m great. Thank you. Very happy to talk to you.

I saw you work closely with the Belgian Labyrinth Productions. Great bunch of people setting the vibe in the musical landscape. Great artists, they promote of which you are one. What do you expect from an agent?
An agent plays a key roll in an artists career. He or she has a big influence on where an artist’s journey might be going. Therefore I expect an agent to be able to get on the same wavelength as the artist and both to form a strong union to work together on the same vision.

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music do you recommend a starting point?
I try that all releases stand for themselves and not to be repetitive therefore I think every release is a starting point on its own.

TGMS: I’ll give the reader a lead and point them straight to your Soundcloud channel.

Was electronic music always your main influence when you were younger, how did you ultimately end up in this scene?
I grew up with a lot of classical music actually as my mum is a music teacher. But already in my teenage years, I started to build an interest in electronic sounds. Starting with rather commercial works then going through a trance phase and ending up on the main floor of Cocoon Club in Frankfurt dancing to the sets of Sven, Richie and Chris.

In general, what characterize your music style?
I always call it sexy techno. While I like to keep a dark vibe to my sound I also always want it to be very groovy.

How has it been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
Of course. As mentioned before. Guys like Sven, Richie and Chris have been a very strong influence in my early years and actually being the reason for my transition from trance to techno. Later on when I moved to Berlin the sound of Berghain and specifically Ben Klock shaped my aesthetics for sound quite a bit.

Let’s talk about Hub Three. Your fresh release on Pan Pot’s Second State Audio. Four tracks, four collaborations. How did you get to choose the 4 artists?
I tried to pick a selection of artists which would allow for a wide playground for experimentation. If you look at all the artists separately everybody stands for a very clear and different vibe and sound. Basically putting me in as glue in between everybody was something I was very excited for.

The four artists all have their own distinctive style. How do you fit yourself in? Maybe want to tell us a bit about the workflow and production process?
While everybody is very different I think we have one thing in common. We like it dark and energetic. I also approached all the tracks a little bit differently. While for example with Pan-Pot and Stephan we had long studio sessions and really worked on these tracks from beginning to end.
For Amelie and Roman, we worked remotely on the project. Basically sharing an Ableton project or stems back and forth.

Both approaches have their up and downsides. Being in the studio together allows for way shorter feedback loops while being able to work remotely allows for a bit more experimentation as there is nobody sitting next to you who might get bored while you dive away in some modular sequence tweaking.

What can people expect from this release?
People can expect 4 very diverse (and sexy) tracks while from my perspective all being A sides even if at slightly different times during your set.

What do you expect from the release yourself?
What I initially expected from this project was to grow musically and get inspired by the artists I work with. This worked out 100% and I hope I was also able to give something back to everybody as well.

Being a musician is quite demanding and also requires a lot of travel. How do you relax when you’re not on the road, and what is your ‘ritual’ when you get back into the studio?
I really have a hard time relaxing as next to DJing and travelling I am also working as a Designer for a Music Tech Brand and always keep myself busy with side projects. When I try to relax is during my dinners and through food in general. Therefore before getting into the studio mode, I like to prepare some food and get to work after a tasty dinner.

What are typical mistakes people make when trying to pursue a career in the music industry?
I think the key problem with today’s society is that everything needs to be instant. If it’s about watching your favourite series or ordering a book. We got used to getting everything right away. And I think some people seem to have a problem to understand that this does not translate into all areas of life or careers. So not being able to wait or not actually being willing to put all the work into a music career are the biggest mistakes I see young artists making today.

What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?
I am a fan of making genuine connections with people. Which down the line might lead to fewer connections but at least these are real then. I know the industry does not always work this way but this is just how I am. I understand that making connections with the right people can get you to some of your goals quicker but actually using the term UTILIZE a connection already points out to me whats wrong with this approach. I try to not utilize but help. Its a great feeling being able to help or support somebody rather then calling in a favour independent if you are on the giving or receiving end.

Some time ago you made this beautiful installation with LEDs and soundscapes. How did all this start?
This is a good example why I am having a hard time to relax. As I constantly get excited about projects like this. In particular, this one came out of my interest for visual work. Initially, I had no idea how to work with lights or LEDs but I set myself up to create a super small project while learning how to control light. During the process, my tiny idea actually became what you see in this video which was a 3-month project sitting in a warehouse building frames, soldering wires and programming animations.

Are you still working your A/V installations? Anything new we can expect?
Even though time is a bit more limited I am still very interested in AV installations as I like to be able to deliver the full experience to somebody who listens to my music and I think that visuals play a big part in that experience. Therefore I locked myself into a warehouse again recently and started to work on a lighting concept I want to use for my own club events in the future.

If you could solve one major problem in the world today – what would it be and why?
That’s a tough one. Unfortunately, there are too many too major problems in today’s world but if I would have to get it down to one I guess it would be world violence of any kind as I think that no being should have to suffer because of the actions of others.

What’s the last thing you saw that made you smile?
Uh … looked at too many pug puppy videos on Instagram to remember which one was the latest one.

Thank you!

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