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My Vision Records

Interview: a passionate Sébastien from My Vision Records about his imprint

Tell us about the background and concept of your label?
My Vision Records was in my mind since 2013 and is born in 2016. The concept is very simple: trying to propagate an electronic music quality while respecting the vision of the artists who trust us.

That’s a fairly new imprint. What were the motivation and process ?
I always was a fan of electronic music. When I was young, I went out to a club every weekend. That’s when I decided to become DJ. And on a later stage, I became a promoter for « Le Rafiot », a club in my hometown Strasbourg as well. I was lucky to work with artists like Emanuel Satie, Rampa, Ninetoes, Martin Landsky, Kevin Over, Andre Hommen and much more. And to start a record label was the logical continuation of my passion for electronic music

Explain to us, what is the vision you are striving for with the record label? 
I really seek to work with talented young artists and to give them the chance to be remixed by bigger names. That’s really what I like to do! But I will try to vary the outcome. Sometimes a bigger name, and sometimes a smaller. What’s important is that music comes first and not necessary the name.

Are you running this show alone or are there others involved? 
For now, I am managing all that relates to the artistic direction and communication. I have a partner who helps me out with the administrative part and someone who is a great graphic designer. But the communication part becomes more and more important if you want to grow as a label, but this part still remains to be developed.

What’s the direction you are heading with the label? Focus on specific artists, specific genres or are you open for surprises that come along?

The label is very club music oriented because I’m in love with tech-house since a very long time. But I work with emotion, so if tomorrow I like a track that’s very much Techno or other electronic music genres, it will have a place on My Vision Records. This already happened with Search Dip’s deep tech track ‘Buuv’ or techno bomb ‘Afrikan’ from Ben Watts aka Blakwood .

Not so long ago we had the premiere of M.F.S: Observatory’s ‘Coming to town’ (Marquez Ill remix) on Fantastic uplifting work. How is that release doing so far?

Thanks for these kind words! The release is doing very well. We got amazing feedback, which is fantastic. The original mix even was in the last Maya Janes Coles Boiler Room session (min 12). This release became our second best selling EP. Amazing!

Which releases have you planned in the (near) future? Something we need to look out for?
June 5 will be a date to highlight in your agenda. We will be releasing Giacomo de Falco‘s ‘New Era’ with an incredible remix from Spencer K (Knee Deep In Sound, 8Bit). Normally to discover as a premiere on Tanzgemeinschaft soon…

Belgian artist DkA will be back on the label again with a remix from Kevin Over and one from Maximilijan. It’s agoing to be amazing for again sure. I am also working with Marst (Diynamic Music) and James Grow (Knee Deep In Sound) for upcoming EP’s. I am really happy to announce these releases.

What is it that you as a label are looking for in an artist? What are some of the must-have qualities an artist needs to have?
Above all I seek the human side within an artist just because, My Vision Records must feel like a family in the first place. So even if the track feels right and is good, but there is no click with the artist then I prefer not to release it. It happens and then we must be open to critisism and sometimes accept others’ opinion to get it in the right direction.

What would you like your legacy as My Vision Records to be?
Nothing big necessarily. Just the feeling of people having fun on the dancefloor and having been an open-minded label for artists who have put their trust in the record label.

Who would you sign without thinking ?
Hot Since 82 or Green Velvet

Thank you very much for your time Sébastien! Much appreciated.

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