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Interview: Next Week Records (NWR)

A little while ago we had the opportunity to ask Miguel, label head of Next Week Records (NWR), some questions about his indepentent underground record label focusing on dark, deep & industrial Techno.

Miguel is a great guy and speaks about his label as if it was his own child. In fact it is, but still, you can see & feel the passion when reading his answers.

Enjoy the interview.

Miguel, when did you start the NWR imprint and what was your motivation to start the label?
The project started back in the summer of 2012. We knew that starting a record label would be quite difficult but we thought we could make it just by our passion for techno music. Next Week Records (NWR) is formed for and by people with different roles in the industry: Dj’s, photographers, designers, events promoters, etc. … . Together we form NWR, a collective that forms an umbrella under which we can express our different values. Call it a creative crew of brands under the same name with something valuable in common: techno music.

Tell us, what’s your aim with the record label and what direction are you currently heading for?
When we started, we did it for the passion of music, techno music. But the beginning was hard as most label owners can confirm. At the moment we have several doors open. We sell music, promote events, design clothes, we are working hard on our image & brand, trying to grow. You never stop learning and that’s good because you always want to improve, as a label and as a collective.

At the moment we are looking for ways to show people what we are doing. For example, we have a very nice podcast series with excellent artist that show you what kind of techno we have in our minds, dark techno, futuristic. We operate from Amsterdam and work with a great staff.

What are your goals for the future?
On a short term we would like to get more people involved that can manage several projects inside NWR.

Tell us something about the artists. Maybe introduce some of them to get a clear view on the talented producers you sign on the imprint.
At NWR we work with artists from all over the world. We have 9 digital releases out already and expecting 5 more before the end of 2014.

Our captain is Jhon Spark ( who defines what NWR its. Jhon Spark is a very talented Colombian artist who already lives in Holland for 12 years and with whom we won the ‘Grote finale van de TWSTD DJ‘ contest last year.

With our last release, NWR009 Craft – The Spatialization of Time EP, we have a great producer from New York amongst us. Craft ( perfomed during our most recent event on July 26.

Here is a list of our great artists that have released music on our label: Jhon Spark, Brishna, Monktec, Elio Ks, Alexander D’niel, Phobia, H. Paul, Philip Puckler and Craft.

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Hope your readers will enjoy the interview and the music.

Thank you Miguel!

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