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Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic release on Cocoon recordings

Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic chat about how their track “Lacalute” made its way to Cocoon Recordings

Drumcomplex and Frank Sonic have been collaborating on tracks since 2010, and their most recent hit is an outstanding track “Lacalute” on Sven Vath’s infamous Cocoon Recordings. We caught up with them recently to find out what makes their partnership in the studio work so well, and how the track came about and managed to find its way to Cocoon…

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Hey guys, great to chat with you! Now winter is coming do you make and play different music?

Hey guys! First of all, thank you very much for the invitation to the interview. We are very pleased that we have aroused your interest. Wintertime is always a time of darkness, which always has a certain effect on the sound. While it can often be melodic or housey in summer, our studio often mutates into a real techno hell in the winter months.

Our studio often mutates into a real techno hell in the winter months.

How did you guys first meet, when, and where?

It feels like we’ve known each other our whole lives. At the beginning of the 2000s, we bumped into each other at raves and the chemistry was right from the start. However, our first joint production didn’t come about until 2010, and over the years we’ve developed a deep friendship. Practically not a day goes by without several phone calls.

What made you want to work on this record together?

Cocoon has always been like a big dream for us. We often had the feeling that we had created the right track that could make it to a release in the end. We made quite a few dubplates and sent them back again and again as demos. Sven has played something of ours from time to time over the last few years, but now it needed this magical track to finally make it onto the label. We would never have expected that we would end up on the annual compilation. We are more than grateful and happy.

Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic single “Lacalute” is out now on Cocoon Recordings. Grab it here

Will you do more in the future?

We are working very hard in the studio to make as many tracks as possible for the coming year. We’ve rarely been so keen to make music together as we are right now. The release on Cocoon gives us an incredible energy, which is also reflected in our new tracks. You can be excited!

The release on Cocoon gives us an incredible energy, which is also reflected in our new tracks.

Who did what on the record?

Frank had programmed this analogue synth sequence in the studio last year and then excitedly sent me (Arnd) a video of it via WhatsApp. Shortly afterward, the recorded sequence ended up in my studio, where I edited the drums and added 2 more synthesizers. We then sent the whole thing back and forth several times until it was perfect. The process was typical for our work together. While Frank is more of a sequencing guy, Arnd, as the name suggests, is more of a drumming pro.

What inspired the new Cocoon single “Lacalute”? Where and who was it made for?

We never really have any ideas when we start producing a track. For us, one thing counts above all: a Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic track has to have that certain magic. It has to be different from anything else on the market. Even if it’s a bit faster, it might have elements that are atypical of the genre and that you wouldn’t immediately expect. The most important thing is that we never allow ourselves to be pigeonholed. We are always looking for new experiences and would never say that we wouldn’t try this or that. Expect the unexpected!

What else are you guys working on?

In addition to our joint project, we are working on many other electronic music projects. Drumcomplex will be releasing solo again at the beginning of the new year on Off Recordings and Kneaded Pains. Frank works a bit in the background as a producer for film music and ambient songs. But he also takes care of the entire external presentation in terms of graphics and video.

What goals and dreams do you have for 2024 and beyond?

The focus is clearly on global shows. Arnd (Drumcomplex) is already touring a lot and we are looking ahead to the 2024 festival summer. We are also planning some joint DJ- or even live gigs.

We are also currently talking about starting work on a joint album next year as well as our own event format that is perfectly tailored to us. All in all, we’re really looking forward to everything that’s coming.

Thank you

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