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Thales Boutroumlis

Interview with rising star Thales Boutroumlis

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The Cologne-based imprint Traum Schallplatten has yet released another edition of their Tour de Traum compilation. It’s the 15e edition already. We caught up with one of the artists on the release to talk about his track and what’s going music-wise. Rising star Thales Boutroumlis is the young talent we are talking about. Do check him out as we believe he is well on his way to becoming one of the names.

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Thales Boutroumlis

How are you doing?
I am fine. What about you? I am just a little bit tired at the moment because I am currently playing so many gigs or I am working on my songs. As a result of that, I see great progress, which makes me very happy.

A while ago we’ve picked up some news about you and Burning Man? Tell us the story?
I am going to play there on August 29th, 2018 and honestly, I can’t wait any longer. I am particularly looking forward to these different points of views and experiences, which are not existing at any event in Europe. I’m very sure that this experience will be very inspiring and I’ve decided to work on an EP that is only influenced by my Burning Man impressions.

More great news we heard of, is that you got a track on the next Traum Schallplatten compilation? How about that?
Yes, it’s true my song called “Ikarus” will be part of this compilation which is going to be released in July. You can expect a track that consists of a warm pad sound and summer melodies, which perfectly fits into a bassline that is very dirty. This song really makes you feel the summer vibe and makes you dance on open-air parties as well as in the club.

How did you end up on the label’s compilation? We know they have a decent and not so easy selection process?
I decided a few years ago that I want to release something on this label. It was really one of my biggest goals. Traum Schallplatten is one of the most important labels in Cologne and Germany and has a great history. Due to his experience, this label stands for a high quality in their releases. As already mentioned, I wanted to produce a song that met their standards. I sent my first demo to Traum Schallplatten exactly one year ago but at that time my sound was not mature enough. They gave me good advice and motivated me to send them again some of my new productions. Of course, I continued in the studio working on my tracks and I developed many new skills. After that, I was able to create a completely new sound. That new sound motivated me to send them another demo. Finally, they signed the song which makes me incredibly proud.

The selection process is really not easy but as I have already mentioned the label has a very long history, therefore they also have high demands. So many great artists have already released their music there, so your own music has to meet high demands.

Want to tell us some more about this work? How did this track come together?
I’ve developed a very routined workflow in the studio. But it was completely different this time. I had a melody, rather a feeling in my mind which I wanted to express. Within 3 hours the framework of the song was ready. All in all, I worked on the details of the song for almost 2 months. So I am really satisfied with it.

Any more work coming up in the near future? What can we expect?
I am not allowed to drop any label names at the moment but I’ve finished a new EP and signed it on one of my favourite labels. The second EP is nearly finished and I am also working on a new project with another great producer from Cologne. As you can see I am the whole day working in the studio and you can expect a lot of things in the near future.

With the summer ahead of us, so are festivals and open-air parties. How does your summer look like?
I am going to play this summer several times at Cologne in clubs such as the Odonien. Apart from that, I’ve confirmed gigs for Geneva, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zürich and Cyprus as well. In addition to those Open-Air parties, I am going to join as already mentioned in the beginning the legendary Burning Man and a festival in Tulum (Mexico). Nevertheless, I love playing my Sets also in different clubs.

Do you have any preparation rituals?
Basically I already have my preparation rituals but in the end, it depends on every time on the Gig. When I am playing three gigs on a weekend, the rituals are very different from the rituals when I am playing only one gig abroad on a weekend. However before every gig its the most important thing to eat something. No one can work hungry. If I am playing in other countries I first bring my things to the hotel and after that its time for a short power nap. Most of the time I am preparing some cue points or tracks for my final set.
If I am playing three shows at the weekend I will prepare my USB-stick once on Friday for the whole weekend. Then it’s time to pack my things and in the end, I am just travelling from hotel to hotel.

Are you nervous when you go on stage and how do you overcome your first minutes?
In the beginning, I was very nervous before every show. Today this is no longer the case. I’m looking forward to the show but I’m excited in a positive way. I have already played a few gigs that made me create a certain routine. Nevertheless, I am always happy as if it were the first time.

I’m trying to tell a story with my DJ set. In the first minutes, I am picking up the people from where they are right now. Where the other DJ has stopped for example. After that, I am trying to tell them my story. In the end, I hope everyone could listen to the story and enjoyed the ride and the vibe.

Do you mix with the crowd before or after your set? Do you dance?
Yes, of cause am dancing. You know one of my closest friends said ones that you should don’t trust a DJ who isn’t dancing. And this is basically the most important point. In my opinion, you have to display the people that you enjoy spinning some records and you enjoy also your track selection. Therefore smiling at the crowd, eye contact and dancing are only a few things a good DJ should do. Apart from that, I would say that I am a big music lover otherwise I would not spend so much time listening to the different tracks and that’s the reason why I love dancing to this kind of music.

In general, I am mixing with the crowd after my set. Before my set, as already mentioned I am focusing on the tracks and the story I would like to tell to the people on the dancefloor. Afterwards, I am mixing with the crowd to enjoy the vibe, the music and to have a talked to the dancers. They often say the most inspiring things.

We might catch up with you soon in Cologne! Cheers.

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