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Irene Radice

Deep rhythm & grooves by Irene Radice

We at Tanzgemeinschaft are very happy with our next guest mix. It’s a talented person coming from Milan, Italy. Her passion goes out to art, design music and cats. Cats, like all of us on the internet. So it must be special cats. This sweet young lady goes by the name Irene Radice and approached us asking if she could do a mix. As we are an open platform and want to give young emerging talents a chance to be heard, we could not refuse after hearing some of her other mixes.

Just to get to know Irene a bit more, we asked her some basic questions which you can find below. But first, press play and enjoy her one-hour long mix. She has a knack for fine grooves and deep rhythms, hence the well-chosen tracks for her mix. Tracklist can be found below.

Irene Radice delivers a guest mix with a deep groove and nice rhythms

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m an Italian DJ and producer living in Milan. I am music, art, design and cats lover.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Deep, gentle and open-minded.

How is Milan these Days?
Milan has always been a city of contrasts. There’s a variety of everything and anyone can find his own inspirations. For design, luxury and the finest food for me it is the most interesting city in the world.

How about nightlife?
Musically speaking there have been great improvements in this great city the latest years. For me Tunnel and Dude and are one of the most interesting clubs with super international line-ups. I love elegant and relaxed places as well. Places as Filippo la Mantia restaurant/lounge (where I’m also a resident DJ), Living, Terrazza Duomo, Ceresio 7, Giacomo Arengario and Alchimia bar. Furthermore I also enjoy walking around the Navigli, Brera, Corso Sempione area.

Tell us how you got into DJing?
I have always been into music, with my dad playing and improvising all the time on the piano. I first fell in love with electronic music with all the milestones in the 90’s which really marked my youth: Gala, Sonique, The Supermen Lovers, Groove Armada, Moby. The approach to minimal house sounds was the step who led me into experimenting with my own productions. After that, I started with DJing.

What’s your biggest dream music wise?
Ok, a fantasy gig! A big space, a lot of colors, smoke and lights. Dancers coming down from the ceiling … .

What track will never leave your bag?
The African Dream – Makin’ A Living

Any other Milan artists we need to know about?
ToblerOrchestra makes amazing IDM tunes. Mattway is an amazing DJ and producer creating lovely electronic covers of contemporary pop. All the DJ’s part of Lift, showcasing all the shades of house music.

01. Desolate – Florescence
02. Dorisburg – Emotion
03. Stefan Tretau – Frame (M-Lito Remix)
04. Joachim Pastor – Born and Left (Till Krüger Remix)
05. Mass Digital – What’ s on your mind
06. Rednail Kidz – Do My Thing (Nacho Marco Remix)
07. Cerrone – Supernature (Irene Radice Remix)
08. Adriatique – Undrstnd
09. The MFA – The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher Mix)
10. Superdrums – You Snooze You Looze (Original Mix)
11. Veitengruber – Last Train (Helmut Dubnitzky Remix)
12. Trevino & Endian – Exotica Birdie

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