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Serbian DJ & producer Jelly For The Babies

Jelly For The Babies, exclusive mix

It is said that hard times can forge a hard work ethic. For our Serbian guest, Jelly For The Babies, this is certainly the case. Buying his first synthesizer, a Casio SA-20 and the 100 sound banks that came along were enough to get the fire started and create music.

Coming from the time when a severe economic crash hit Serbia, he struggled for a better life while learning the ins and outs of music production on his humble Windows XP home computer. Over the years, he refined his approach and the project “Jelly For The Babies” was born in 2007. The music he produces is mostly based upon deep, melodic and melancholic sounds with plenty of vocals mixed up in various genres of electronic music.

Beside producing Jelly For The Babies is managing 3 labels, distributed by Proton: One Of A Kind, The Purr Music and RYNTH.

But now he is here with a splendid mix and short interview. Enjoy

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01. Randall Jones – 53 Stickup (Original Mix)
02. Newman (NYC) – Tears of Rain (Original Mix)
03. Luman – Cascadas (Original Mix)
04. Hermanez – Ensina (Original Mix)
05. Guhus – Nine Moons (Original Mix)
06. Michael A – Echospace (Ezequiel Arias Remix)
07. Paul Daze, Airbas – Circadian Groove (Original Mix)
08. Nishan Lee – Modano (Hasith Remix)
09. Jimi Jules – We Out Here (Original Mix)
10. Avoure – Aura (Original Mix)

Where do you come from and what makes your place so special for you?
I am from Serbia, the country where I was born, raised and still living here. I think everyone should visit Serbia, at least once.

What we have here, compared with other countries, is a bit more freedom and time. You know … big cities, busy hours, after work you just want to hit the shower and then off to bed. Here, of course, if you don’t live in the capital, after work you don’t spend time in city traffic, buses and trains. You are home in 10 minutes and you can spend more time on how you want to spend the rest of the day or evening. Serbia is almost 50% covered in green, mountains, lakes, rivers, which is defo something that is healing my body and soul.

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in and around the city or country?
I think we have a lot of talented producers here, its that financial thing that doesn’t seel us out outside. If you want people to hear about you, besides time, you need to invest some funds as well. That’s how it works and that’s how it always worked. The scene here can be better, but it’s on a satisfying level. The only thing that I don’t like is that a lot of countries are following trends. Nowadays, for example, techno music is more up front and suddenly everyone plays techno. I have always been bounded to melodies. So my style evolved from trance to deep progressive and progressive house music.

What excites you the most as being a DJ/producer?
Creativity and expressions. Producing and playing music is one of the ways that I am expressing my feelings at that time.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
Since I was young I have had my first keyboard … it was Cassio I think. My parents had a restaurant with musicians and at home, we had vinyl records with music from JM Jarre, Vangelis, some old disco and rock music. I think that was the first connection with music at all. Love at first sight.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
I mean a lot. As I said, a lot of vinyl records that I had back in the days, from my mom and dad, were mostly disco and rock. I never thought that ill do electronic music at all. Then I heard Prodigy, JM Jarre, Enigma, Vangelis … bands and musicians that implemented electronic sounds into their arrangements. A lot of syntheses. Then I realized that I love synths, but still above all I love music. It just gives you freedom. Don’t know how to describe that feeling… it’s unique.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
You will hear deep music, tech music and progressive, but all in all, you will hear that different varieties of the genre can be combined into one body. My mixes are more dynamic now. I think you’ll enjoy.

What’s your favourite song to date?
Depends on the moment.

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