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Joey Fehrenbach

Joey Fehrenbach – Fear of Falling Remixes

We got a tip via our friend Dan aka Fractal Architect, pointing us out to a new remix he made for Joey Fehrenbach’s latest release. It’s an album filled with pure delight. All remixes for tracks of his ‘Fear of Falling’ album, that was out last year September.

Joey is a real veteran, already active for over two decades in the music industry. As a child of the 80’s he’s been influenced by bands and artists like Depeche Mode and New Order, which can be heard in his older work. back in the days, Joey performed under the moniker ‘Dream Traveler’. One of his tracks got picked up and appeared as the opening track on Paul Oakenfold’s Tranceport compilation, back in November 1998. Time flies! A few years later he decided to leave producing club tracks behind and head for another direction and release work under his own name, Joey Fehrenbach. Work being releases were more downtempo and chill-out oriented.

Captivating & atmospheric Fear of Falling Remixes

Today we are here to talk about ‘Fear of Falling Remixes’. The idea behind the original works was to include all the electronic music genres that influenced him over his lifetime. This you can hear as no track sounds alike. The remixes all sound delicate and fragile. Eleven tracks that are all captivating, atmospheric and with a feeling like you are running on white sandy beaches.

Some tracks, Wolves for instance, also predict bad weather over blue skies. ‘Wolves’ for example, is a track filled with exciting melodies and textures and contains enough dramatic sounds to resemble showering rains. But don’t think this is bad, these tracks are filled with 80’s influences and contain enough energy for a good shuffle.

Fractical Architect takes on ‘Jellyfish’. His remix contains a tapestry of elements containing a sweet seductive beat, dreamy xylophones, evocative strings and sultry synth strokes. This feel like summer!

One of our favorites is ‘Killpatrick’. A Vangelis alike synth-laden early 90’s uptempo. Could be the theme for late 80’s TV show.

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