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Tanzgemeinschaft | 21/08/2019

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John Norman – Republic remixes

John Norman - republic remixes
Claudio Capo

Only recently we had a very interesting talk with John Norman and his idea to extend shelf life of electronic music. One thing he said was that if we just focus on releasing music for the sale of music, and not for its real purpose, which is to be listened to, we are doing a disservice to the music and the artists who create it. We could not agree more on this one. In case you have missed it, please do take some time to read the interview here on our website.

As label owner of UNT Records he is not the person to stand still. In contrary John is working on new episodes of his fantastic An Obsession with Sound podcast series or he is working on his own material. On top he is also working on new material with great new talents.

Only recently John Norman re-released his Republic EP but it got a remix treatment from two excellent artists. The original was released in 2015 and now it got in the hands of Antwon Faulkner and Exhale for a smooth and groovy edit for one and a raw and dark edit for the other.

Antwon Faulkner infuses the track with some classic Detroit chords and a nice smooth groove. He takes care of a sweaty hustle of techno rhythms and a locked-in groove. let thos hot and steamy summer nights come upon us. Exhale’s heads in a completely other direction with his remix. His edit is a forthright affair of industrial murkiness and intoxicating techno grooves.

Tune in and enjoy.

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