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Juanfra Muñoz, Fran Guzman

Juanfra Muñoz, Fran Guzman – Go On EP

Juanfra Muñoz & Fran Guzman drop the high rolling “Go On”

Here comes a great release on the fairly new imprint Minoo records. This one is a joint effort by the versatile duo Juanfra Muñoz & Fran Guzman. Both stationed in the Cartagena area in Spain. With “Go On” they take care of a steamy hot tech house music. A sublime original and highly danceable mixes from Haze-M & Dave M. Sanchez.

These guys provide you with a tech house therapy that will instantly release you from all muscle pains. So let’s get physical with this “Go On EP” and work that body!

The original is a fine cut that is highly effective to improve your dance moves on any dance floor. An uptempo beat & tight rhythmic groove set the tempo on this one. “We got a beat going on” introduces on Haze-M’s slightly deeper version.

Dave M. Sanchez adds a little magic powder dust. A repetitive sample will get you in a state of trance while haunting vocals lift you up to the point of no return. You shall be dancing!

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