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Kaká Franco, a veteran in the music industry

Kaká Franco, 20 years of pure expertise in house music and vinyl

The way human beings around the world feel the magic of House Music is something undeniable. It has been decades on end conquering people all over the world, either to dance or to delve into its beautiful details. In the tropical country, a land of cultural diversity, the genre is also present and interacts directly with the tropical sounds and the way of being Brazilian in every corner of this continental country. 

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In the southern region, famous for exploring the sounds of dance music, Kaká Franco is one of the characters who represent the house sphere like a few others. An eager record collector, and a total enthusiast when it comes to researching and unraveling the genre. Also known by his friends as a living encyclopedia, besides having an enviable technique when it comes to performing and leading dancefloors. This is Kaká Franco.

The story began in the late 90s, as it does for most of us, with a fake ID and the curiosity to go clubbing. In this unpretentiousness, a calling came up, and from then on, he never stopped. He started going to parties and festivals until he learned how to play on vinyl and started collecting records and playing at friends’ parties.

Today, with twenty years on the road, he collects, besides good labels, passages in events and great Brazilian clubs like Boiler Room, D-Edge, O Mato, Sharp Movement, Sounds In A City, Surreal Park, Terraza, and Warung Beach Club. 

Famous for masterful warm-ups, the artist continues in his mission to provide good moments to people, bringing music and surprising approaches. A respected house head, he explores the genre and its ramifications fearlessly, going through lines focused on Jazz and instrumental layers, the undeniable influences of Chicago, the Deep, the French, the Disco, the Funky, and so on.

But, better than writing is being able to see and hear. That’s why we’re dropping you one of his most outstanding performances, at Warung Beach Club. This way, you’ll get a sense of Kaká Franco’s professional level and his love for House Music.

Article by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

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