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Kariké's album Revelation

Kariké debuts with Revelation

He is a youngster living in Antwerp showcasing his work in the legendary Café d’ Anvers in Antwerp once in while. We caught up with him a while ago during a local event. Jonatan Carrique who goes under the moniker ‘Kariké’ recently dropped his debut album called ‘Revelation’. Eleven tracks in which he takes you back to the early days of house music and in which he shows his love for movie scores and retro video game music.

All tracks are different, non are really alike. It’s not a strange thing as this album feels like Kariké is taking you on a techno journey. Lift-off with ‘Yin’. A bombastic bass with hypnotic hi-hats taking you to higher grounds. Touch-base again with ‘Yang’ at the end. A hyperbolic club banger that starts out of space so it feels, and moves on to a techno stomper ready to take on dance floors all over.

Everything in between is part of the journey going from the deeper & melodic side of techno with ‘The Singularity’, which is a phenomenal track in our humble opinion, to a little more progressive on ‘Sacred Geometry’. On the latter you will hear synth-laden patterns that will take you to a hypnotic state of mind. ‘Liberation’, then again is more tech. Pounding beats with a heavy bass for the late night groovers.

Kariké did a very nice job with his debut album. ‘Revelation’ is all that it proclaims to be, revealing the sound of this young emerging artist.

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