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Kasztan Delivers Transcendent Third EP “Unbleach”

Pierre-Marie’s Kasztan sound profile serves as a grand apex between the world’s of electronica and techno, intertwined with textured cinematic sensibilities and the post-rock sonic experience. With two fully immersive EP’s, “Celeste” and “Rare Earth Elements”, already under his belt, Kasztan presents the third and final part of his inaugural triptych. Inspired by the hybrid projects of electronic music and his expansive music consumption, the latest 3-track “Unbleach” EP tells an exciting narrative—Kasztan’s transformation as a musician who fell in love with electronic music and integrates the richness and variety of the scene’s past and present into his work.

Echoing the mix of analog and synthetic textures in the EP, the cover is a project of French artist Lionel Vivier, based on Isabel Urbina’s work as an underwater ecologist who captures coral colonies through photogrammetry. Continuing his already burgeoning discography, Kasztan’s “Unbleach” EP is out now across all streaming platforms.

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Paying homage to the experimental and eclectic sounds of musicians such as Moderat, Jon Hopkins, Logic1000, Ross from Friends, Lawrence Hart and more, the “Unbleach” EP is a reflection of Kasztan’s metamorphosis as he found himself caught up in a frenzy of music discovery and encounters with blurred boundaries between genres. The 3-tracker opens up with ‘4Thee’, unveiling undoubtedly Kasztan’s most dancefloor-oriented track to date. A frantic techno-inspired cavalcade on a bed of organ layers and gospel flights, the cut highlights Kasztan’s fluid and more anthemic production style. Integrating a host of musical references from the past and present into an epic apex moment, ‘4Thee’ takes listeners through a palpably raw sonic bliss
The following 2 offerings plunge listeners into the effervescence of a present where references collide and where the boundaries between genres are more porous than ever. Taking the reins, ‘TSIAWS’, maintains the link and continuity with the past of electronic music. Building with a flurry of intricate synth elements and soft percussive rhythms, the track expands on the cinematic sensibilities of the French talent. Picking up energy past the halfway mark, ‘TSIAWS’ introduces subtle break-beat elements and employs heady wah synth sounds. 
Closing out the EP, final opus ‘Alive’ leans into a world of warping textures and collapsible beats, serving as a cathartic end to the journey that is the “Unbleach” EP. Rife with percussive elements and lively vocal cuts, the track borrows inspiration from UK Garage and 2step, as well as from IDM and pop in the broadest sense. An energy booster with multiple unmistakably English references, ‘Alive’ is the result of a fantasy encounter between Sault, Aphex Twin and Overmono.
Completing his debut trilogy and laying the foundation for the future of electronic music through his expertly crafted nouveau perspective, Kasztan’s “Unbleach” EP solidifies his voice in the industry as one of the most progressive and authentic producers in the scene. Kasztan’s finely-tuned sound profile reflects his innate musicality and immense dedication to continue pushing the boundaries with each consecutive release.

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