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Kellerkind about Disco on the Dancefloor

No doubt, Kellerkind’s steady presence in the electronic music landscape has established him as a constant, reliable force on dancefloors around the globe. Hailing from the land of fresh air and snow-covered mountain tops, the Swiss artist always strives to bring his own refreshing take on electronic music, whether it’s an upbeat DJ set or one of his diverse productions.

A relentlessly active producer in his own right, Kellerkind’s back catalogue stands filled with two full-length albums, as well as numerous pensive deep house melodies or compelling tech house grooves on esteemed labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Hive Audio, Noir, Suara, Sirion and Katermukke.

Joining the Stil Vor Talent family proved as highly inspirational to the production side, as he’s going on to release several chart toppers through the Berlin-based label.

His DJ sets have taken him to some of the best clubs and festivals in the world, including the most important clubs in Switzerland from Zurich’s Hive, Friedas Büxe, Rote Fabrik, Zukunft to Berns Kapitel, as well as venues in Dubai, South Africa, Brasil, Thailand, Egypt and across many corners of Europe.

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You are internationally known, part of the Stil vor Talent family from Berlin and have been active for some time. Let’s go back in time a little bit. When & how did you first get involved with music? Is there any specific work you’re particularly proud of?

If we speak about electronic music, I first got involved in my hometown Solothurn. I discovered my love for house music in the 90s at a local club called “Nachtschicht” which was probably one of the first clubs in Switzerland that brought house music to our country or at least to my rural area of  Solothurn. What I am proud of is that I love producing music. It is my biggest passion for a long time.

What I am proud of is that I love producing music.

What makes you intensely happy?

A lot of magic moments on the dance floor and for sure my family.

In your view, what were/are your biggest challenges?

To improve my productions, as technology is always developing there are so many amazing new possibilities that I would love to adopt to my music. I hear a lot of amazing productions which are taken to a next level and somehow, I have an idea of how to get there but I’m a bit lazy to study new things. 🙂 But of course, at the same time, this is also one of the reasons why making music is still so fascinating and interesting to me.

What gives you energy?   What keeps you awake at night?

Fat sound systems and good music.

How does it feel to be part of Stil vor Talent family? Seems to be a very inspiring and happy crew.

I am super happy to be part of this family for a long time and thankful that they always support my music. And yes, the crew is very inspiring and there are so many amazing producers and DJs in this family, so I appreciate very much to still be part of it.

Your track ‘Disco On The Dancefloor’ is just celebrating its 10th anniversary and will be released again with remixes and its own remake on Sirion Records. How did it come about?

As “Disco On The Dancefloor”  is still one of my most listened tracks on Spotify we (the Sirion crew and I) thought it would be nice to make a remix package to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

How did you then proceed with the remake – what did you do differently than ten years ago?

Actually, it wasn’t easy for me to do a remake. But then I thought, I’ll just try to do slight changes to make it fit better into my current DJ sets as I’m not playing the same music as 10 years ago. I think that worked for me and I enjoyed playing the remake again after 10 years “Disco On The Dancefloor”.

What else do you have coming up?

Now, I’m working on two EPs but not sure when they will be released, it might be in 2023.

Thank you!

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