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Khaan & Tolstoi - So Much

Funky beats on Khaan & Tolstoi’s So Much EP

This release is out for a little while already. It’s a great release from the German duo Khaan & Tostoi, who we know from a long time ago with their Luna EP. So now they are back with a second release on the sublime Israeli imprint Take Away records. The EP ‘So Much’ is equipped with 2 very nice originals and a remix from Alvin Kyer & Arado.

Sure the guys have not been sitting still in the past year, but this EP has a sound you ought to hear. ‘So Much’ is all about a sublime minimal rhythm with a funky groove and an overload of claps. ‘Play that funky beat’.

‘Susurro’ is one happy stomper. Same structure as ‘So much’ but the repetitive voice sample takes you to a climax when the bass drops. Keep shuffling!! Alvin Kyer & Arado used the title track ‘So much’ to turn it to their hand and created a more house groove. Nicely layered samples and sounds to make you dance till the sun comes up.

Play it loud!

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