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Kommodo delivers high-quality techno with his “Mayhem” EP

True Story Comic has its releases as stories narrated to the sound of electronic music and the protagonist of this release in question is the high-quality techno produced by the Brazilian Kommodo. It’s the artist’s debut on the label.

About to complete seven years of work as a producer and already exceeding a decade of experience in disco, the artist has passed through several genres until he found himself among the ambiances and melodic touches that characterize his current sound identity and led him to important career milestones.

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In 2016, at the very beginning of his musical project, he released on Traum, an important German label. Another important release was the “Black Sun” EP signed by Timeless Moment, which received support from names like Soul Button, Modeplex and Morttagua. And his most recent achievement came through the “Alone on Earth” EP, signed by Iconyc, which reached #11 on Beatport’s chart of best Progressive House releases.

Now, a new strong candidate for greatness adds to the artist’s catalog of productions. “Mayhem” was released last September and marks the Brazilian’s debut on True Story Comic. The two-track EP features on the first track hypnotic melodies that suddenly gain strength by sweeping the ears with powerful beats and spacey vocals. Already in the sequence, what you find is a more sober track, which has gradually evolved but maintains its charm in the minimalist atmosphere.

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