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Cesar Abril

Learn more about the Brazilian Organic House scene with Cesar Abril

Cesar Abril radiates inspiration and the will to make his music transcend his connection with the dancefloor. The DJ from Minas Gerais is a resident at Confraria and Movment in his hometown, Patos, and has also been present at Warung Tour, UP Club MG, Soulvision, Samsara Festival, Ohm Festival and Beats Patos. 

He is a strong exponent of the satisfying multicultural dance sounds in his country

With more than 10 years of career, the producer seeks counterpoints in his elements, rich repertoire, and is able to create inspiring storytellings for the audience, who immerse themselves in his deep music. Cesar mixes pads and synths from Tech, and walks through world-ethnic music and contemplative melodies.

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The producer released in December the EP “Light Of Happiness” by The Purr Music label, a work that testifies to Cesar’s research and expertise in Organic House. We talked to him to find out more about him and the Brazilian dance scene.

Hello César, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us! Starting with your introduction to Organic House, what motivated you to start producing tracks for this style? 

Hello, the pleasure is all mine. Because it’s a recent genre, in this case, a sub-genre of Deep House, it attracted me a lot by the textures used in the production of this style. 

The Organic House scene in Brazil has undergone some changes in recent years, making room for faster BPM’s, how do you see yourself inserted in the scene today?

I agree, with this evolution the songs are no longer lounge music but dancefloor music. My insertion in the scene is recent, but I have observed a constant and very interesting evolution. I am looking for each production to try to do something that shows my identity. 

Talking about inspirations, what are your biggest references to Brazilian artists who faithfully follow this style?

I’ve been following some Brazilian artists who have been producing and releasing a lot of quality music, Awka, Peve, Edu Schwartz, Grife, Albuquerque, among many other talented producers. 

What about the Brazilian Organic House labels, which ones do you think are still relevant to the style?

Words Not Enough, Dawn Patrol have released some very relevant releases, Sonido Profundo is also always releasing organic house. 

You come from Minas Gerais, how was your beginning on the local scene?

As the cultural scene in Minas Gerais is well known for the country music scene, it was not easy to start in a place where electronic music is not the main focus. I started on the electronic music journey 12 years ago, and step by step things have been falling into place and are moving forward. 

You have just released the “Light Of Happiness” EP, how was your creative process? What were your biggest inspirations and innovations of this process?

This EP was a lot of fun to work on, it was a very calm and detailed process. I tried to give the tracks organic elements, nature elements, interesting textures and a lot of groove to play the tracks for the dancefloor. 

Any news on your future projects? Can you share with us? Thanks!

A lot of good things are coming, among them several important releases that are now on my priority list. The focus is to take my musical identity to the four corners of the world and slowly be recognized. 

Thank you.

Interview by Mia Lunis

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