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Fuse Club London

London Techno Club FUSE CLUB launched 2023 season in London

For the first event of 2023, FUSE CLUB has curated a line-up of rising talents in the London techno scene. With each session, the UK club seeks to create a safe platform for Techno culture enthusiasts — artists and fans — where “the Sound” is the true protagonist.

Techno beats and heat are promised in all FUSE CLUB parties.

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Remaining faithful to its label’s philosophy, the club’s highest priority is to explore; whilst tackling prejudices and preconceptions surrounding techno music. On top, the purpose is to bring fresh and interesting sounds to the dancefloor while embracing the richness and flexibility of the genre.

In a statement, the club said: “We are constantly searching for new angles, perspectives and ways of understanding music. We firmly support new local and international talent and celebrate diversity. It is all about creating a space where we can all learn, explore, and enjoy Techno Culture. We welcome humans from all races, colours, gender identities, sexes and backgrounds to travel through the space of techno sounds with us at FUSE CLUB”.

GFR Music, the techno branch of London imprint Goldfangs Rosé Music, is slowly becoming a reliable source of emerging global talent and fresh club sounds.

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

We are a magazine & record label dedicated to quality underground electronic music. We do not look for just any music or anyone, we are looking for music, and people who create memorable experiences, that inspires and invokes emotion. Let’s create timeless music.