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Low District – See You EP (SM018)

Low District

Low District saw the light back in 2011 and is formed out of the two Tuscan artists: Marco La Porta and Riccardo Setti. Because of their similar musical preferences and passions, the duo chose to combine their experiences as a DJ and producer.

Producing sounds between 118 and 122bpm mainly with an underground feeling, you can feel they treasure their sound with a progressive but never predictable energy. Marco and Riccardo have been inspired by dub, soul and old school sounds often combined with deep/electro music. By privileging all-involving and full-bodied basses, their tracks move themselves away from the tech-house stereotypes, embracing indie dance and nu-disco vibes.

Their DJ sets move from a groovy style to deep house, adding some acid jazz sounds and an energetic warm touch of house music.

The Italian duo who are releasing music on the Svogue Muziq imprint, are taking care of the first drop of the year for the label.

It takes great talent to bring out a flurry of different emotions from the listener and Low District has done a great job of that with this great ‘See You’ EP. It’s on repeat.

‘See You’ begins with a running pace bass track cleverly put together with a drum track who’s snare and hi-hat cymbals keep time as the bass. Warm syncopated scattered guitar melodies and vocals trade shine throughout the rest of the song. When listening to this song the first time we’d immediately imagined ourselves on a dance floor.

The second track on the EP, ‘Push it’, has warm vocals & synths that make the track feel slower than it actually is and gives a wonderful anxious feeling that ultimately is hard to accept that the song had to eventually end. The guitar melody and syncopated licks feel like a warm foot-tapping sense of chill before leading back into the straight bass and hi-hat similar to that of ‘See you’.

Low District’s See You EP flawlessly delivers two deep house tunes with elements that seem to take your mind on a journey. Warm vocals, smooth grooves & sweet melodies!

Low District Low District

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