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Luc Angenehm takes you on a journey with his Walhall EP (MBF LTD 12063)

Looking back

Luc Angenehm was born 1991 in Düsseldorf and grew up in the lovely city of Langenfeld, Germany. Pushed by his parents to take piano lessons for 10 years turned out to be succesful and helpful looking back now that he is at this stage in his career.

On a later stage in live he got introduced to a wide range of contemporary house music by his older sister. Inspired by this music, he bought his first producing equipment and took professional lessons at the Modern Musik School Cologne (Vibra). Starting off to develop his skills in producing at the age of 17, he worked on his style which can be best described as a mix of Progressive, Minimal, Deep and Tech House.

Walhall EP

Soon he’ll be releasing ‘Walhall’ on Traum Schallplatten’s sub-label MBF LTD. It will be his first on the label. We can honestly say we are very much impressed by this release as it feels like being on a very long road trip.

For wat we have heard you can expect a varied deep melodic & groovy release.

The EP kicks off with the track ‘Walhall’, which you can also find on the fantastic compilation Tour De Traum IX. With this opening track Luc Angenehm takes you on a journey. Opening with a pounding beat and slighty adds rhythm sections and bells. Moving further it feels like you are driving with your window open and you’ll hear people talking in a busy street. Along the way you’ll hear something like anngel voices and soft synths accompanying this deep enlightning track.

The second track is called ‘Karibik’. Starting of with tribal drums and jazzy connotations that will instanly put a smile on your face. It feels a lot more different than ‘Walhall’ as it is more melodic. Love this track.

On ‘Nalani’ you’ll hear that repetitive beat again that you also hear on ‘Walhall’. Only this is more softer and more spellbing. As if dark clouds move in and it feels like raining. Following the course of the track it undergoes strong changes which elevate the mood of the track towards an ethereal beauty. Again the angel like voices move in which makes it more vulnerable or fragile. You’ll need to hear it to understand.

Next track on the EP is called ‘Voluspa’. It feels a bit dark with more heavy tones but then again joyfull with the more housy beat. Litteraly Voluspa means ‘Prophecy of the Völva‘ and is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a völva addressing Odin. Listening to the track you’ll feel something like a prophecy.

‘Valkyrie’ is a tender track with a strong microstructure, including occasional eruptive outbreaks of sounds. Starts a bit experimental but morphes into a deep melodic and percussive track. Quite heavy but a perfect track to end the EP.

For now we only have ‘Walhall’ to share with you as we are waiting for the previews to be released pretty soon.

Luc Angenehm Luc Angenehm

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