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Luca Draccar talks about his production process

Luca Draccar releases “No Sometimes yes”. A contradiction as balance.

We caught up with Berlin-based techno DJ & producer Luca Draccar in the midst of the global virus outbreak. We sat down (virtually) to talk about his latest release “No Sometimes Yes”. An EP that is all about incoherence, bipolarity, and contradiction as balance.

We also dive into his production process which is not one you’d expect. All about letting the mind flow and aging like wine. Curious? Then read on.

(An interview by Ruth Prada)

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Hello Luca, thanks for doing this interview with us! How would you say your sound has developed (if at all) since your first release?
I think in these times of constant flux, those with specific audio ambitions need and want to understand transformations. Layering multiple goals to achieve, in terms of music emotions, focussing my attention almost exclusively on bizarre things. Because the distance separating past with future is measured only with the results. This is what happens from “AAA Access All Area”, until “No Sometimes Yes”.

It is extraordinary how can you feel close to the immaterial, the inorganic, during a sonic ride. Passing through “Quo Vadis” and “Noordinary” was the real development which leads me to a new era. And I guess the development is the only thing which really matters in a story. Whatever the story is about.

What is your biggest drive behind making music?
Happiness and suffering are children of the same passion. Making music takes a long time and dedication because ideas develop months after months. On my side, there is a great invisible style of disorder that drives every choice I make. When the song is ready, everything looks logical, but it’s only the result of an irreducible need to be understandable. In a way trying to make it “easy”.

What are your producing habits? What environment are you the most productive in when creating an EP?
Probably the “environment” is just a state of mind. The place is the moment, the moment you feel “home”, relaxed, and ready to go. I trust my instinct in that particular moment, and I don’t respect many producing habits or technical parameters. Keep it wild: results and beauty will appear right away if you follow your path until the end. Because beauty comes from authenticity and not from perfection.
Change environments could help a lot to see the same things from different a perspective.

Beauty comes from authenticity and not from perfection.

What are you trying to convey through your music? How do you want people to feel after listening to your productions?
Fortunately, when I start a project, I never manage to finish with a known or defined feeling I personally want. It’s the production itself that does the work, and I can only follow it. It doesn’t encapsulate the notion of an initial condition. I believe is the uniqueness that I am looking for.

What inspired this particular EP and what was the hardest part about making this “No Sometimes Yes”?
Making “No Sometimes Yes” transcend like other EPs and singles. The known goals or the skills I merely put in front of my self. Because I prefer to be lucky. That’s the hardest part, flowing into the unknown. Just skilled targets are kind of boring, or sterile to me. So I try to let the delirium run and be a family too in every production. It is certainly the most creative and most dangerous moment.
As I said before, I was interested in being contradictory. That’s why this title was born, with this particular name: “No Sometimes Yes”.

“No Sometimes Yes” is out on Beatport and Spotify.

What is the best thing about living and working in Berlin?
Berlin is somehow outrageous, wicked, glamorous. There is something about Berlin that hurts and keeps you alive. Probably an artistic victory that dominates the city, over a past and now rewritten in an excellent way. Which is probably culture, the real engine of Berlin, which attracts and turns on many other domains.

Where do you see yourself in a year or so?
“Digitally” speaking, just remain here where I am. 🙂 In a perfect set-up, with no bugs or issues! Physically speaking, I hope a mystical fury and a crusading spirit, is what I should reach in my life.

What are your future goals/aspiration within the production scene?
The idea of crossroads always fascinates me when I produce. I also quickly change my mind, even in a ruffly or sleazy way: can be messy, but true and vulnerable. Anyway, when I work on an audio project, it takes a long time. It can be that work on projects for years, some are perhaps 15 years old.

Like wine, they taste better when aging. 🙂 This is the best aspiration, the taste. The outfit.

Thank you.

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