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Luca Musto

Luca Musto remains true to his high standards of quality on “Restless”.

The diversity of an artist is sometimes only apparent at second or third glance. You first have to listen to yourself through an artist’s work, soak up mixes and dissect productions to get an understanding of the groove.

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With the artist “Luca Musto” from Berlin it is completely different. Just a few seconds of a track are enough to feel warm and secure. His roots in HipHop and his understanding of electronic music and a unique vibe make his productions unique works of art.

With his Italian roots reflecting rhythms through cracks in a musical mirror, these cozy, grounded atmospheres will set you up to lay back, relax, and dance: this paradox perhaps best encapsulates the complexity of Musto’s grooves.

It is probably high time that he started his own playground in the form of a label. After releases on labels like “The Magic Movement” or “Laut & Luise” the direction is probably clear in the evening. With Rare Affair he has not only launched his own label but also drops his own EP called “Restless“.

And Luca Musto does not disappoint and remains true to his high standards of quality. Two tracks that explore the two poles of “Mellow” and “Groovy”. “Restless” is wonderfully danceable and yet not too euphoric, while “Priscillo” rolls very slowly across the floor.

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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