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Luigi Madonna

Luigi Madonna Launches Debut Record Label With 3-Track “Contempo Vol. 1” EP

Luigi Madonna is entering a new chapter in his ongoing evolution as an artist that celebrates artistry, progression and most importantly, the cardinal roots of Napoli’s hard-hitting strain of techno. Embarking on the launch of his debut label and event initiative, Contempo, Madonna shares the first in a series of opuses to introduce his revitalised sound profile – the 3-track “Contempo Vol. 1” is out today across all streaming platforms.  

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A fresh creative outlet for this newfound musical direction, Contempo serves to supply the underground community with a harder and faster strain of techno that hints at nineties revivalism, whilst breeding contemporary sound design elements. Translating to “with time/tempo”, Contempo references a change in pace for Luigi’s output, opting for 140 + bpm cuts that will no doubt satiate the modern audience’s craving for intense and uncompromising beats.

“Contempo Vol. 1” presents in three parts, with a strong undercurrent of raw and unyielding techno at its core. Opening with “CNTMP 1.01.”, Luigi employs a thunderous kick and crisp percussion to announce the arrival of this fresh techno perspective. The hollow kick subsides, making way for Luigi’s hypercharged acid-laced top-line to ring out on the off beats, before a flurry of soundscapes and sound design elements guide us to its apex. The cut pivots at the break, revealing an ulterior identity that’s founded on acid rave stabs and break-beat-tinged rhythms. 

The EP’s second offering, “CNTMP 1.02.”, radiates a more erratic ethos, with sharply detached percussive components navigating their way through euphoric vocal chops and distant sirens. Chaotic and focused in equal measures, the cut’s relentless drive to the finish is led by its militant semi-tonal changes which cloak us in hypnosis. Drawing the EP to an immaculate conclusion with a captivating finale, Luigi Madonna demonstrates his impressive production credentials as he embarks upon the ominous, early-hours cut “CNTMP 1.03.” Unraveling a hostile web of menacing underground soundscapes, frenetic kicks and glitchy sonic patterns, the Italian penetrates the imagination with mind-altering acid basslines, ravey synth stabs and exemplary use of crescendo and juxtaposition, to conclude a remarkable debut EP on Contempo Music. 

A standout talent in the electronic music space for over two decades, Madonna is armed with an impeccable stream of records that have ushered him into the upper-echelon of dance music. Serving as a house music visionary for many years, Luigi Madonna’s palette has seen a definitive shift into the world of stripped-back techno, bringing with it a host of experimental sensibilities that mark huge maturation in his sound. 

Born from a period of lockdown reflection that triggered the desire for reinvention, Luigi’s thirst for knowledge and progression resulted in an upgrade of studio equipment, with an acute focus on analog and modular synthesizers. Heavily stimulated by this new working format, this and Luigi’s forthcoming Contempo catalogue will extend to his DJ sets via a live setup that’s conducive to dark, gritty warehouse spaces. In order to fully realize the project’s scope and concept, Luigi will present a series of Contempo nights, curating lineups with brand new affiliates within this niche, yet flourishing sub-sector of dance music.

Contempo Vol. 1 is out now via Contempo Music:

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