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Rafael Cerato - Martin Kremser

Premiere: Martin Kremser & Rafael Cerato – Gladia (Sezer Uysal remix)

A new release is coming up on the great Spanish-based Univack Records. Martin Kremser & Rafael Cerato joined forces to create a magnificent EP called ‘Gladia’. We get to premiere the Sezer Uysal Remix.

Martin Kremser crosses borders

Martin Kremser, hailing from Austria, already has a very nice track record. He is one of those guys that’s not been held back by barriers. Martin’s past covers Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Drum’n Bass … hold on … minimal techno, techno and now progressive or something that goes between deep & tech house. We love artists like these. Artists that experiment, that dare to cross borders. We surely see Martin as an established artist with released on various record labels like Einmusika, Diynamic, Hotfingers and more. Not bad at all.

Rafael Cerato lets the music speak

Rafael Cerato as well is a versatile artist having already signed to many great record labels like there are: Diynamic Music, Systematic Recordings, Get Physical, Stil Vor Talent and Suara. This only after only 1 year of launching his project, Rafael Cerato. Raphael Duphil as he goes under his real name is letting the music speak for itself.

Martin & Rafael joined forces to drop a great release on the Spanish-based Univack Records, known for their great progressive kind of music. This release fits perfectly in their catalog.

The EP is called Gladia and we get to premiere the Sezer Uysal Remix. The remix is a bit more melodic than the original. This is not a strange fact knowing Sezer. With already more than a handful of remixes and own productions, he knows how to handle things.

Tune in and enjoy this great tactile and dreamy progressive bliss, topped with some loved-up & sumptuous synth stroke brilliance. Get into the groove and let’s get carried away!

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