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Mathame remix a track from Alessandro Martire

Mathame remix of Alessandro Martire Announced as Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune

On April 16th, Mathame start a new four part remix release with their version of Italian pianist and composer Alessandro Martire’s ”Breath.’ After that first instalment come remixes by Havoc & Lawn, BLR and John Talabot. 

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Electronic duo Mathame hail from Italy and are celebrated techno artists. Tale Of Us’s Afterlife, Sony/B1 have all put out their music, which is never less than deep, emotive and melodic. In 2020 they served up a globally acclaimed 2020 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and followed it up with a new mixtape series. It uses a brand new A.I. algorithm which has been devised to test the power of the new M1 processor architecture by Apple. It landed in Mach, was called “Old Neural Mixtape Vol.1” and will be followed by more later in the year. 

This new remix comes first, however, and is filled with dreamy and descriptive atmospheres. Mathame leave the melodies as recognisable as some points, but blur them at others. Of their remix, they say, “We put our emotional touch to the original record transferring the feeling it gave us from the first listen. An almost ethereal emotion but with movement and groove, we had this image: how to stand in front of luminous cables of some kind of material that stretch and relax and vibrate together, almost breathing, like a body.”

Alessandro Martire is an Italian ambassador of the neo-classical sound. He had a huge year in 2020 after his album “Share the World” on Carosello Records made a big impression. He also played live from Lake Como at “The Floating Moving Concert – LEJ Festival”, and won the Nations Artistic Award and the ISFOA International Lifetime Achievement Award. This comes after years of playing all over the globe in the United States and the United Kingdom, Russia and many more. 

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