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ME & her - fee download

ME & her thank their fans with a free EP

Two musical soul-sisters hailing from Switzerland, Jen & Phuong, who both nurture an unconditional love dark and spherical infectious melodies and heavy basses have a present to celebrate a big milestone: 10.000 fans on Facebook. The two producers, bridging different cultures and talents, that which go under the moniker ME & her, decided to put an EP online for their fans as free to download. It’s an EP containing two most sublime tracks: ‘Seed’ & ‘Fanfare’. Well-chosen names according to us.

‘Seed’ is a melodic mystical journey with dreamy atmospheres and the hypnotic arpeggios that unite and explode into something unique. ‘Fanfare’ surely sets the mood. This one is a stomper that will get an instant smile on your face. A captivating groovy percussion that is accompanied with a sublime ambiance. The trumpet-like samples are simply awesome.

Both tracks seem to be created in a one-night jam session where everything was recorded spontaneously. We can only encourage them to have more of these late night sessions. We’ll even ship a six-pack of beers to make them so.

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