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Andre Salata

Meet Andre Salata and learn about his importance to the Brazilian electronic scene

Andre Salata is one of the names that became a reference in Brazil with a wide range between musical research and an unmatched technique in sound production. The DJ, producer and teacher, released his first authorial track in 2007 and, in the following year, joined the faculty of Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, initiating the city’s new music producers. 

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It is worth remembering that Andre went through the selected screen of one of the biggest labels in the electronic scene, Get Physical, when he released the Magnetism EP in 2017. The producer also curated the label’s Essentials Vol. 17 compilation and was the only Brazilian to perform at the label’s 15th-anniversary party at Watergate in Berlin, maintaining a solid and prolific partnership with the label. Besides releases by labels like Warung Records, Noir, Prisma, Afro Acid, Voltaire Music, Andre also integrates the celebrated casting of D-Agency, and of course, far beyond the countless partnerships, the producer has an enviable list of demonstrations of his musical expertise.

He’s a DJ, producer, professor and more to the Brazilian dance music scene.

The producer has already trained more than a thousand students through the Andre Salata Audio Community, in a unique and uncomplicated didactic, sharing his years of experience as a sound engineer, music producer, and artist. At the age of 16, the producer was already working with the construction of Web Sites and had a boss who insisted on the simplicity of access, to the point that an elderly person could navigate and bingo! Today Andre has one of the best methodologies in the production market incorporating also Live Act, Mix 2.0 and production focused on aspects such as Melodic Techno and Progressive House.

Salata has also democratized teaching for production enthusiasts looking for free content. In addition to the Community, the teacher makes available hundreds of video lessons related to specific music production subjects through his Youtube channel. There have been so many successes throughout Andre’s career that it is difficult to classify and list all his achievements. However, in a way, when talking about Andre Salata the idea is to simplify because this is exactly what the producer takes as his motto in life and profession.

The producer’s most important side is an incessant energy that inspires, motivates, teaches, and embraces the scene as a whole. Andre puts us at the mercy of his life, talent, and profession as if we were watching a movie, in which the main character uses electronic music as the driving force for existence.

Article by Mia Lunis.

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