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12 artist will be releasing on Prototype Music's compilation

From Melodic Techno to Indie Dance, young talents are boosted on Prototype Music’s new VA

The new year always brings life to new projects and cycles, and of course, the electronic scene also follows this premise with great moves happening. As is the case of Prototype Music, a Brazilian label that has been standing out internationally for its refined curation, and has just released something that brings as its main characteristic this pillar of exploring and presenting discoveries: the VA “Hidden Talents”.

The compilation arrived on the platforms last Friday (20) and reinforces the commitment to give openness to 12 new artists from seven different nationalities who are starting their musical journey.

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“Hidden Talents” will be an annual project of the label, released in January of each year. The first edition brings 11 tracks from artists of seven different nationalities and arrives with the goal of being a plural and dynamic work, which gives the opportunity for emerging names to gain space and freedom to show their work. With productions ranging from Melodic Techno to Indie Dance, Prototype has handpicked talents that have the potential to become great. 

The label is known for presenting quality work, and once again, it does not disappoint. The VA brings songs that exude technique and originality, in which the artists have shown their ability to involve the audience in warm sonorities, exploring complex elements that create an immersive and synergistic atmosphere, with moments that are both energetic and sublime. The result is impressive, and for sure, those selected are names we will keep on the radar. Listen:

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