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Michael Duck – Cardiel (TR14033)

michael duck - cardielSpanish DJ & producer Michael Duck is about to drop a two track EP called ‘Cardiel’, on Tres14 Music, Guti Legatto‘s imprint!

The EP, being his first, is a straight forward but powerfull tech-house release. It contains an original mix and a dub version mixed by the Romanian duo Radu & Mihai aka JUST2.

The original is a dark coloured cyclical drum loop that gets you in a hypnotic state of trance. With some dark vocals to keep you focussed and not to loose ground.
The dub is more uplifting, with these dark vocals coming in strong. Strong rhythm sections as solid foundations with built ups to several short climaxes.

Rating: 4/5
Label: Tres14 Music
Release date: ?
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Cardiel
  2. Cardiel (JUST2 remix)

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