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Miguel Lobo – Who Am I (TAWY027)

Take Away Music, the Israel based imprint, has yet another great release up it’s sleeve. This time the release, which is called “Who am I?”, is by the hand of Spanish based producer Miguel Lobo.

Quit a busy bee when looking at his biography on Resident Advisor. Released on over 30 record labels we can trully say, he knows how to handle things. So this time the EP is due on Take Away Music. On August 24 to be exact, so stay tuned for this deep & tech house drop.

“Who am I?” contains 4 beat driven tracks. No meanstream sound, but a groove for the underground. Tune in below and be captivated by the groovy rhythms Miguel surely knows how to create. Dark mesmerizing vocal samples create a haunting feeling for that deep & dark athmosphere.

Standing still is not an option with these 4 beat swinging tracks.

Take Away truly lives up to it’s standards of being a creative artistic music hub focused on the art of electronic house music. Surely when they decided to release this glorious drop from Miguel Lobo.

For vinly lovers, you’ll soon have something to hold on to. Grab your huggable copy.

Miguel Lobo Miguel Lobo Miguel Lobo Miguel Lobo

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