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Mihai Popoviciu

Mihai Popoviciu talks about “Motion Manifold”

Around Christmas time last year, we had a very nice interview with this fantastic producer. Talking about his career and more. He also dropped us a fine guest mix back then. Feel free to check it out.

Today we are here again with Mihai Popoviciu. This time to talk about his album “Motion Manifold” which will be released via Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings.

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Hey Mihai, crazy times, how have you been? 

Hey guys, thanks for having me! I am trying to make the best of this situation by doing music and spending time with my family.

Last December you made us a fantastic mix and answered some questions about you as an artist. Great read. It’s been about 8 months since the interview, tight before the Covid-19 outbreak. How do you push the energy nowadays?

Thank you! To be honest, these past months did not bother me so much. We moved to a new apartment and my wife gave birth so I was happy to be around and enjoy our little baby girl. I also did a lot of new music and remixes.

Does the halt on the music-industry, gig-wise, weigh on you or is this a moment to be creative and produce music, experiment, collaborate?

Of course, it’s been weird to be at home for six months because normally I am used to be away for gigs every weekend. However, I tried to focus on studio work and on my label Cyclic Records. I did some new music that will come out later this year and at the start of 2021.

Talking about being productive, you have a full album coming up. We’re guessing this did not come together in the past months? Please explain how this piece of art came together. Where and how did it start and maybe explain a bit the process behind the album?

My new album, “Motion Manifold“, on Poker Flat Recordings will be out at the end of September and I am very excited about it! Working on the tracks for the album took around one year. I did not have the pressure of time or a deadline to finish it. Doing an album for Poker Flat is the natural step forward towards my long time connection with the label. I have been constantly releasing music with them since 2013 so when Steve Bug asked me if I wanted to do an album for them I was more than happy to say “yes”! 

Mihai Popoviciu “Motion Manifold” out 25 Sept. 2020 on Poker Flat.

Maybe tell us a bit about your studio setup and your working process. Maybe also tell us how a typical day in the studio looks like.

I am an “in the box” type of producer that does not have a fancy studio with lots of hardware gear, but a very stripped-down work station at home. I rely a lot on samples and I use a handful of virtual gear that I know well and have been using for years. This allows me to be very comfortable and flexible about producing. I have no time pressure or a fixed schedule for doing music, I take things very easy.

It will be released on the fantastic Poker Flat Recordings. You seem to be part of the furniture. Tell us about the relationship with the label. Why does it feel like home for you?

Working with Poker Flat has been perfect for me since the beginning. They are very professional about what they do, they take things serious with every aspect and they respect their artists. They put out quality music, that’s the most important thing.

They are very professional about what they do, they take things serious with every aspect and they respect their artists.

In times where artists can easily release music on their own, just because many services are making this happen, why would one still look for a record label? Why are you releasing via record labels?

Yes, it’s very easy these days to release music on your own platform. However, there are various reasons why you should also release on other labels. Maybe your platform is focused on one particular genre and you at some point have a different sound that you want to put out. Or maybe your platform is not so famous and you want to climb a few steps in your career as a producer releasing on a bigger label. You can also make new connections with other people in the music world when you release on various labels. In the end, it’s a matter of choice.

Now the album is finished and promo work starts, what is next for you (besides promoting the release)?

I constantly produce new music, it’s what I love to do and what keeps me going. I already have two releases planned for next year and I will continue working on my second sample pack for Samplestate. Also, expect some remixes in between.

Let’s hope for better days soon. Stay safe and thank you!

I am sure better days will come soon! Untill then stay safe!

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